Bayantel statement on NTC broadband speed test

Bayantel sent their official statement to Tech Patrol News about the NTC Broadband speed test.

Here is the official statement of Bayantel.


The data presented from the pilot NTC test of measuring the internet speed of fixed broadband speed of service providers were the initial results taken from a test environment, located at a specific location (the NTC premises) and point in time. There is reason to believe that it may not present an accurate reading of our service to our customers. There are a host of other factors – technical and non-technical in nature – that could very well affect the speed of internet service like latency error, signal loss, proximity of network equipment, etc.

Bayan is focused in improving its services. This is also the reason for Globe’s earlier urgent petition for NTC’s approval of its joint undertaking, so Globe can immediately come in and help Bayan modernize its network and improve its service, however this took time and NTC approval was only granted recently. Currently Globe and Bayan are working closely with NTC to validate the test results and identify areas of improvement to better serve its customers.

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