This 0.6 HP Window Type Air Conditioner is only P5,499 or P347.37/month
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This 0.6 HP Window Type Air Conditioner is only P5,499 or P347.37/month

Summertime is in full swing (in the Philippines) and it is time invest in air conditioning solution. If you are like us who is renting in a small condo unit, you can go and search for the cheapest aircon in Lazada.

There is a long list of branded Air Conditioning units, but it comes with a price tag that will leave a big hole in your pocket.

But there is one generic brand that sells their .6HP Window Type AC for the price of an entry-level smartphone.

I’m pretty sure, you can raise  P5,499 in no time. This amount will put you to a good sleep in this super hot Summer of 2017.

Cheapest Aircon in Lazada: Matrix MX-KC1509

  • Window Type Air Conditioner
  • Horsepower (HP): 0.5HP
  • Size (unit): 47.1 x 53.1 x 35.6
  • Voltage/Wattage: 220V/554W
  • Cooling Capacity (BTU/hr)/(Kj/hr): 4900 kJ/h
  • Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER): 9.7 kj ((W-h)

cheapest aircon lazada

Current Lazada Price: P5,499 only.

Air Conditioning Calculator

But before you place your order, consider searching for the Air Conditioning Calculator, or ask somebody with the know-how about ACs.

You need to measure your room and check if the 0.6HP Matric AC will be able to cool your room.

You can refer to this online calculator: Air Conditioner BTU Calculator to help you determine the correct AC for your room.

Buy the Matrix MX-KC1509 0.6 HP Window Type Air Conditioner from Lazada


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