Cherry Action Cam Explorer; Photos, Hands-on and Pricing

Cherry Action Cam will be the latest toy and will make the best Christmas present for the big boys!

In last night’s culminating activity of the biggest local brand of smartphone, Cherry Mobile, they introduced a non-smartphone device — an action cam.


Aptly called as Cherry Action Cam, the first model to be released in the second week of December is the Explorer.

Cherry Action Cam Features

For the guys who have used an action cam, specially the GoPro and the SJCam brand, this one looks similar to that. It has the record or shutter button and LED indicator on top. On the left side, you will find the micro-USB port, micro-SD slot that accepts up to 32G of storage, and the micro-HDMI port.


At the bottom is the battery bay. The power button is located in front and on the right side are the WiFi and Zoom buttons.

Cherry Action Cam

The camera comes with a removable 1,000mAH battery and equipped with a 2-inch LCD.


It has 12MP camera with a 170 degrees HD wide angle lens.


Cherry Action Cam Accessories

It comes with lots of accessories to complete the experience of an action cam. A monopod, bike stand, 3-way pivot arm, wall charger, micro-USB cable, quick release buckle, waterproof case, frame clip mount, and many more.


To control the Cherry Action Cam Explorer, you can download the app from the Google Play. You can download the Cherry Action Cam app in this link.

The action cam comes with two replaceable covers. Depending on your lifestyle, or outfit of the day, you can dress up your action cam with the two free covers.

Pricing and availability

Cherry Action Cam will be available in stores beginning on the second week of December. It has an SRP of P3,999.

We have an unboxing video in our Youtube channel, you can watch it here.

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