Converge Fiber Plans unveiled; Feat Fiber Xtreme 500Mbps Plan 7000
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Converge Fiber Plans unveiled; Feat Fiber Xtreme 500Mbps Plan 7000

Converge ICT (formerly known as Comclark) has officially launched their Fiber Plans today.  The company promised to elevate Pinoy’s internet experience thru their Fiber Internet plans for Residential, SME’s and Corporate Plans.

The best feature about Converge ICT Fiber Plans is that there is no data cap in all their plans.

“We thought that what’s the use of having a fast internet connection if there is a limit to data access? With FiberX, there is no more data cap to internet usage. We feel we will just be short-changing our customers if we put a limit to their internet usage,” says Jesus “Boboy” Romero, Chief Operating Officer of Converge ICT Solutions, Inc.

Converge ICT Fiber Coverage

The majority of Metro Manila is now covered by Converge Fiber Internet. From Valenzuela to Las Pinas and Muntinlupa cities and down south of the metropolis. At present, the service provider has already laid out about 6,000 kilometers of fiber optic reach and still growing. According to Romero, they are already servicing clients from as far north as Baguio and further down south to Batangas.

Converge FiberX: Residential Subscription

For residential subscribers, Converge ICT has FiberX. Converge FiberX plan starts at Plan 1,500 with 20Mbps 25Mbps of upload and download speed.

The Plan 1,500 was launched last year with 20Mbps initially, however, Converge upgraded the speed to comply with international standards. So new subscribers will enjoy the 25Mbps speed now. For old subscribers, their speed will be upgraded as well.

Wait, there’s more: Converge Fiber Xtreme

For those who need more speed, Converge has a special plan for you. You can apply for Fiber Xtreme with a plan that starts with Plan  4,500 with a burst speed of up to 300Mbps.

And if 300Mbps is still not enough you can apply for Plan 7000 with 500Mbps speed.

Converge Fiber Business: Converge iBiz

For business subscribers, there are the plans for you.

Each iBiz subscription comes with free Webmail, a web hosting, and a free Public IP.

Application Requirements

  • Fully accomplished Application Form
  • Proof of Identity (Valid ID)
  • Government-issued ID
  • Proof of billing
  • For foreigners: Alien Certificate of Registration and a valid VISA

For additional details, you can visit Converge ICT website at or call their customer hotline no. +63 2 667 0888.

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