Google launches ‘Google Datally’ Data Saver and Wi-Fi app

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Google announces today ‘Google Datally’ (formerly named as ‘Triangle’), a small, lightweight and simple Android-specific app that lets you analyze, control and save your data.

The app highlights four key features, that includes:

  • Data Saver – lets you control data on an app-to-app basis. It is so handy and easy to use as it displays switches on each app. This allows you to turn on and off switches to a particular app you prefer to access or block mobile data access.
  • Data Saver Bubble – from the word itself, the ‘bubble’ will appear goes into any corners of the app you opened once is turned on (just like a Chat Head on Facebook Messenger) whenever the app uses data. It displays your current rate of data usage, just like a speedometer.You can easily choose to block the app’s data use if the currently opened app uses a large amount of data, or in any case, you don’t like to consume a big chunk of data you have.
  • Personalized alerts – Google Datally can send you alerts, notifying you when apps start consuming a lot of data. It also displays how much data you used on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. So you don’t need to relay the Surf SMS Alerts on the telcos most of the time.
  • Wi-Fi Finder – It can assist you to find the stable Wi-Fi connection nearby on your location. Once connected to a Wi-Fi assisted, you can rate these networks. These scores help other users to recommend a network.

An Intuitive Data Saving App

The Google Datally app was being tested since 2016 under the project “Triangle”. Those users who initially given a chance to try this app claims they saved up to 30% of mobile data. This depends on the way they used this app.

Google is doing a good job as they are now addressing one major problem of each smartphone users -worries about data usage. Majority of these are the new generation of “Next Billion Users” or so-called the “Millennials”.

How to get the Google Datally App?

You can now try the app starting today! The Google Datally App is now available globally in the Google Play Store. It works on all smartphones with Android 5.0 Lollipop Operating System and higher.

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