Cherry Mobile’s ‘Cherry OS’ Brings Confidence To Company
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Cherry Mobile’s ‘Cherry OS’ Brings Confidence To Company

When Cherry Mobile officially unveiled their 6th Generation of Flare series, namely, the Flare S6, Flare S6 Plus, and Flare S6 Selfie, last October, I was quite interested with their announcement of their own [skinned] OS, the Cherry OS, which they will include in their Flare S6 series. It was unclear that the company will likely include their new Cherry OS on their other budget-friendly Android phones that have been leaked last week.

Cherry OS is the fruit of company’s hardship in software over the years with a Japanese company. To focus on security, customization, performance, and of course, affordability.

Looking back

Flare 1 front before Cherry OS Launched 4 Years Later
Flare 1, one of best selling Android phones of Cherry Mobile ever. (JR Grate)

Since their most successful Android phone release in 2012, the Flare S100, they are using the near-to-stock Android OS. It is nearly based on the Google Nexus series at that time with a few customization. Truly, this type of build would allow many Filipino Android enthusiasts who were not able to afford the Nexus flagship and the Google Play Edition of Galaxy S4 at the time, to experience the same vanilla or AOSP Android. The tradition of having this type of Android build on Cherry Mobile Android phones. It begins earlier since the Nova series. Followed by the successor of the Flare Series up to S5, then the Omega, Burst, Apollo, and Titan to name a few (I do feel so old).

Just to give you a background on what Stock Android is. A dictionary tells us that “stock” is the original from which others derive. It means, it does describe Android as Google intended it. Since Android OS is an open source operating system, anyone can modify its system, that’s why Custom ROMs existed. This means, if you are a brand/manufacturer of a phone, you have given a freedom to modify it’s system depending on the requirement you have set, like how the settings app, Contacts, SMS app, Dialer and lot more app to looks like, animations, performance, optimizations you like.

Cherry Mobile did love the stock Android build.

As I stated earlier, Cherry Mobile was implementing the stock Android build on their phones as early as 2012 and it was pleased by many of Android enthusiasts. These people were starting clamoring for a pure stock and up-to-date Android phone. For this reason, Cherry Mobile and Google have entered a direct partnership in 2015 for Android One program initiative by Google.

They produced the very first pure stock and up-to-date for 2 years Android phone, the Cherry Mobile One. And also, they released the successor of One in the same year, the Cherry Mobile One G1. These phones offer two years of updates came from Google, as part of the program and partnership.

Confidence with Cherry Mobile’s ‘Cherry OS’.

Cherry OS Screenshot
Glimpse of Cherry Mobile’s Cherry OS

This scene seems to change with their recent milestone, launching of ‘Cherry OS’. They managed to produce their own skin and specific applications to focus on security, privacy, and performance.

If you gonna ask me, why Cherry Mobile is shifted to produce their own skinned OS. One thing. Confidence.

“We feel it is the right time to have something interesting, something different.” Lonson Alejandrino, Cherry Mobile Product Manager said.

As Cherry Mobile announced last year that the company acquired a controlling stake of Jiayu, a Chinese ODM that manufactures Flare X series on 2016, this means Cherry Mobile now has the capability to manufacture and design their own devices. This brings enough confidence to the company to produce Cherry Mobile-designed phone, in software and hardware.

With Cherry OS and the recent partnership they had, Cherry Mobile continues to be more competitive smartphone scene in the Philippines. Not only on hardware but also in software.

How about updates?

Since they have announced that Cherry Mobile will be seeding Android Oreo update to Flare S6 series the most recent OS up to this writing, this brings welcome development to company’s objective to bring better smartphone experience.

When Android 8.0 finally hits the Flare S6 series, I do hope it supports Project Treble.

Android Updates With Treble
This how Android updates with Treble should work when updating OS starting Android 8.0 Oreo update. Photo:

Is the Cherry OS is for you?

Well, you decide. As open as Android software, you can decide whether to love or hate the new skin. It is too early to say and hate the Cherry Mobile’s Cherry OS. The Android OS is designed for us to choose a wide variety of choices to choose from.

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