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Last updated on October 10th, 2016 at 10:07 pm

SkyCable subscription should be carefully examined before a household gets a subscription. For example, SkyCable Dual Def 299 is not the original subscription we applied for, but in the span of at least two months, we noticed that we are not maximizing our subscription. We learned that we only watch local channels and a few high-definition (HD) channels.


We thought that we would be okay with SkyCable Dual Def 549 because it has lots of HD channels and watching it on a big LED TV would be just as awesome.

Two months later we were convinced that we only watch HBO HD and the rest are the standard definition (SD) channels.

SkyCable Hotline

The classic way to get your account modified is to call the hotline. Be prepared with your account number and a series of customer verification process. Have your mobile number prepared, your birthday and billing address? These are the few of the questions they will ask you. SkyCable Hotline is +63 2 381 0000.

SkyCable Dual Def 299 channels

One of the most affordable packages in the postpaid plan of SkyCable is the Dual Def 299. All local channels broadcasting in SD are available and there are 35 of them. There are eight (8) HD channels and if you like watching movies HBO HD is good enough.

Here is the list of SD channels under SkyCable Dual Def 299 plan:

Knowledge Channel 5
Cinemo 7
Jeepney TV 9
TV5 10
O Shopping 11
GMA 7 12
CNN Philippines 14
IBC 13 15
ETC 16
ABS-CBN Sports + Action 17
Net 25 18
Second Avenue 19
Gem TV 20
MYX 23
GMA News TV 24
DZMM Teleradyo 26
ANC 27
Basketball TV (BTV) 33
Toonami 42
Nickelodeon 45
Lifestyle Network 52
Cinema One 56
UnTV 58
Aksyon TV 59
Pinoy Box Office (PBO) 60
Beam TV 72
Tagalized Movie Channel (TMC) 80
SKYcable Pay-Per-View 99
MJCI / Living Asia 113
INC TV 136
Hits (free until further notice) 137
Light Network 161
SMNI 162
3 ABN 45 163

And here the HD channels:

ABS-CBN Sports+Action HD 166
HBO HD 168
Cartoon Network HD 178
ANC HD (beginning March 15) 182
National Geographic HD 195
The Aquarium Channel HD 244
Disney HD 250

The SkyCable Dual Def 299 Channel line up is good enough for our consumption. The SD channels are clear, but the HD ones are really nice especially on a huge TV screen.

By the way, there is a one-time fee of P1,599 for this subscription. They will provide a digital box and gone are the days that you can split your cable and share into your other rooms.

Do you have SkyCable subscription? Share us your subscription and your experience in the comments section.

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  1. Promise of high definition reception via change to digital reception with a digibox, free for old subscribers, not fulfilled; but you have to pay an extra fee for each individual channels to get high definition.

    Now the channels are in worse definition than previously with analog reception only.

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