AOC and Philips launched new products in the Philippines

AOC, the number one monitor brand in the Philippines known for their impeccable quality gaming monitors, and Philips, a well-known brand for making high-performance and innovative display solutions for home and businesses, proudly launches their new products in the Philippine market.

Philips is releasing three new monitors in the Philippine market: all in different form factors and are HDR certified.  These new monitors stay consistent in being environment-friendly and flicker-free. It is targetted to users who like to view cinematic experience for their home setups, or even for the prosumers who need a color accurate display, these new Philips monitors will not disappoint.

Philips V Line (223V7QHSB)

Perfect all-around display with stunning image quality that is vivid and crisp that stretches from edge-to-edge. With its Anti-blue light technology, this monitor is easy on the eyes in a compact slim design.

The V Line of monitors is using an IPS display with excellent viewing angles making it possible to view the display, unlike standard TN Panels. The Philips IPS displays gives you remarkably crisp images perfect for applications which always demand color accuracy and consistent brightness.

Philips E Line (248EQHSB, 278E9QHSB, and 328E9QJAB)

The E Line series are Philips curved monitors. Available in 24”, 27”, and 32” inches, the curved E Line monitor offers truly immersive experience with stunning Full HD image quality with its Ultra-wide color technology that brings your images alive!

This line of monitors has a VA LED display that uses an advanced multi-domain vertical alignment technology which gives you super-high static contrast ratios for extra vivid and bright images. While standard applications are handled with ease, it is suitable for photos, web-browsing, movies, gaming, and demanding graphical applications.

Equipped with AMD Freesync technology, gamers can expect fluid and artifact-free performance virtually at any framerate because of its smooth quick refresh and ultra-fast response time.

The number one monitor brand in the Philippines, AOC is also excited to bring their new monitors for both gamers and consumers alike. These new selections of monitors are packed with high refresh rate and HDR certified panels that will bring you the competitive edge in gaming as well. Equipped with AMD Freesync 2 technology, gamers can ensure to have the best tear-free visual experience while playing their games in the maximum frames per second that their gaming PC can deliver.

AOC G2590PX and G2790PX

The new G2590PX and G2790PX are the new gaming monitors developed for awesomeness. Available in both 25” inches and 27” inches, it’s TN panel has thin bezels, has a 1ms response time and 144hz refresh rate powered by AMD Freesync technology for fluid and artifact-free performance virtually at any framerate.

Low input lag control which significantly decreases the delay between the video source and display are the features gamers will surely love.

It also features a height adjustment stand which not only allows gamers to adjust the height of the monitor to their personal preference, but it also swivels for better viewing at different angles.

AOC G1 series (C24G1 and C27G1)

AOC G1 series is the newest curved monitors that will expand your world. These monitors have VA panel that features 144hz refresh rate and 1ms response time, gamers will enjoy the fluid visual experience that these monitors offer. Sporting a 1.5mm ultra narrow bezel with a 5mm black screen border makes it perfect for a multi monitor gaming setup.

AOC B1 Series (22B1HS and C24B1H)

Available in both flat and curved screens, the B1 series bring affordability on the table without compromise on looks and features. In its comfortable and super slim form factor, the B1 series has a 21.5” and 24” panel and is packed with features.

The Screen+ software splits the PC workspace into four self-contained panes to group applications for easier viewing. Screen+ also supports multiple monitors. The B1 also boasts of being flicker free which reduces eyes strain and discomfort.

And to top it all, the included software also enables the user to set a low power configuration to save on energy.


These new Philips and AOC Monitors are now available in partner retail store branches nationwide: PC Express, PC Worx, Octagon, Thinkingtools, Computerworld, ThinkPC, Vivocom, and PC Chain.


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