Single mom’s love and foresight saves daughters after COVID-19 tragedy

Cathy Santos, a brave single mother, and small business owner, took decisive action to protect her daughters’ future in the face of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Her story demonstrates the strength of love and prudent financial planning in adversity.

During a visit to her BDO branch, she spoke with a BDO Life Financial Advisor (FA). Cathy sought life insurance policies for her two daughters. Her intention was clear: she wanted to give her children a financial head start that they could use for whatever they needed as they grew older.

The BDO Life FA noted Cathy’s commitment and sense of responsibility. She asked Cathy a crucial question: “Why not get a life insurance policy for yourself as well? You’re the sole breadwinner of a single-income household. Sa inyo lang po umaasa ang mga anak ninyo (Your daughters solely depend on you). If something happened to you, paano na po sila? Sino po ang susuporta sa kanila kung mawala kayo? (If something happened to you, how will they survive? Who will support them?)”

Something in what her FA said touched her heart. As a single mother with no one to rely on financially, Cathy wondered, “What if, by some strange twist of fate, I am removed from the picture?” My daughters would be left alone with little or nothing to support them.”

After much deliberation, Cathy followed her FA’s advice and purchased a life insurance policy. Despite the financial strain the increased premium would cause, her top priority was protecting her daughters’ financial well-being.

With her life insurance policy, Cathy felt more at ease, knowing that her daughters would be protected no matter what happened.

Cathy’s parents, who lived with them then, had a different opinion. They discouraged Cathy because paying insurance premiums was a waste of money. Cathy diligently paid the premiums for her and her daughters’ coverage despite her parents’ efforts to persuade her to do so. Cathy’s concern and determination to safeguard their future prevailed.

Tragic events occurred several years later, in 2021. After a few weeks of fighting the virus, Cathy contracted COVID-19 and died in her sleep. Her daughters were in excruciating pain due to their mother’s death. Furthermore, losing the only person they relied on for survival exacerbated their predicament.

Cathy’s foresight and diligence paid off in this unfortunate development. Cathy’s BDO Life Financial Advisor worked quickly after learning of her client’s death to get her daughter immediate access to funds to cover Cathy’s final expenses. Whatever remained from Cathy’s policy proceeds was enough to keep them going for the next few years.

Nothing can make Cathy return to her daughters. Nonetheless, her life insurance policy, which served as her Plan B for the rest of her life, allowed her to continue providing for her daughters—a symbol of her love transcending life.

Cathy’s inspiring Plan B journey with BDO Life shows that love for family does not have to be limited to this life. With proper financial planning and the right insurance plan, one can ensure that their loved ones are cared for even if they are no longer present.

With BDO Life, it’s easy to start your Plan B journey. Drop by any BDO branch and look for the BDO Life Financial Advisor. You can also visit the website at

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