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Bmorn V16 Tablet – A user review

Bmorn just released its affordable yet powerful version of tablet so far.

Check out our unboxing article here.

“Tablet for everyone“ seems to be the aim of Bmorn and true to its word the tablet performed quite well.

Got it tested for a couple of days and it did good for an affordable tablet which can rival the best tablets money can buy. We tried some games, videos and also it’s wifi and the results were remarkable. Just one thing in order for the user to maximize the performance, “one task at a time” you’ll know the reason why.

First, why would someone left an application idle? Maybe for later use but it’ll be better to have it saved then have it closed, to experience the full performance of the tablet, makes sense? Next, battery life holds around 5 hours of course depending on the application used and since its Android Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), it can be updated online. And as we all know Android has tons of application (free applications to be exact) you then will now have the ability to customize what application suits you via its Google Play which is formerly know as Android Market. The weight and appearance also might deceive you, cause it looks so classy in its 192mmx120x10mm dimension, meaning ultrathin and light as air.

Now let’s get into some details. For audio, it supports almost all formats and so do it’s video which also includes full HD video decoding.

Other notable features are as follows:
– 7 in. HD TFT touch screen display, 800×480 resolution
– 1.5 Ghz Allwinner A13
– 512 mb RAM
– 0.3 mp front facing camera.
– Android 4.0 Operating System
– High speed USB 2.0
– Lithium battery 3.7v
– WiFi 802.1 b/g/n
– TF Card 128mb – 32Gb (optional)
– Supports almost all video and audio file formats
– P 6,500 at Widget City

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