Benefits of Acquiring the CompTIA Network+

It is a massive industry that has created the most jobs all over the world. As a result, a large number of people are considering careers in IT. While there are many other sectors of information technology in which you might pursue a profession, cybersecurity is always at the top of the list.

Weak system security raises the danger of sensitive data being leaked and fails to protect against unwanted access. And, since no one wants that, you may utilize this information to your advantage! If you have a few years of security expertise, you can now prove your worth by earning the certbolt CompTIA Network+ and becoming a more sought-after expert. Continue reading to learn how this badge can help you advance in your profession.

Main Reasons to Earn the CompTIA Network+ Credential

Network+ Practice Test (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) is an accreditation offered by (ISC)2 to verify one’s proficiency in information system security. To earn it, you have to pass one mandatory exam. It consists of questions that will be testing your competence in risk management, network security, security architecture, and other industry-related domains.

Acquiring this credential gives you access to benefits like:

  • Gaining modern and essential skills

With the field of IT getting updated daily, it’s expected of you to obtain new skills to work hand-in-hand with those trends. The COMPTIA NETWORK+ certification will be your provider of the most essential knowledge required to handle cybersecurity tasks considering their present-day nature.

  • Decorating your CV and getting recognized for your capabilities

CV is the main thing that hiring managers go through to get their first impression on an applicant. So it’s always good to have extra qualifications that can grab their attention and speak of your expertise at a glance. Thus, the COMPTIA NETWORK+ credential will be a great addition to your resume as it is provided by an accredited organization and is recognized by recruiters all over the world.

  • More job opportunities with higher salaries

Even though there are thousands of job opportunities available, it’s not that simple to get into a good position. This is because top-tier companies have certain expectations of their employees. One such aspect that is usually mentioned in the list of job requirements is a valid certification like Examsnap COMPTIA NETWORK+. This means that you have a chance of applying and getting hired only if you possess that credential. What’s more, it can also tempt the recruiters to offer you a higher salary: according to PayScale, COMPTIA NETWORK+ holders earn about $155k annually.

  • Becoming confident and coming up with the best solutions

The CompTIA Network+ Practice Test training will enrich you with theoretical knowledge and give you experience in how to respond to real-life situations. It will boost your confidence in the work environment as you will be able to swiftly provide solutions to any situations that arise regarding the security of an information system.

Digital threats are constantly on the rise, with practically all sectors exposed to security risks. Over the last few years, numerous companies have suffered from the actions of malicious hackers whose only aim is to disrupt an organization’s operations for egotistic gain. And without implementing the right safety procedures, this could lead to a big loss of money and reputation. 

Fortunately, today, many comprehensive solutions are provided to meet your security needs to ensure your clients always trust you with their data and personal information. In this post, find out how the Certified Information Systems Security Professional certification has positively impacted the IT industry and what are the steps to earning it.

COMPTIA NETWORK+ Certification: Proving Your Cybersecurity Knowledge

Obtaining CompTIA Network+ credential is an enviable achievement that confirms your ability to design, manage, and implement cybersecurity programs. It was created for professionals that have been working for at least 5 years in the cybersecurity industry and want to verify their competence. This makes it the most ideal option for chief information security officers, directors of security, systems engineers, and security auditors, among others.

Now, COMPTIA NETWORK+ is widely recognized and is of great help when searching for a new job or aiming to get promoted. Recruiters will be sure in your skillset in case you have this badge. It will make you special and increase your professional value. 


Apart from meeting the experience requirement, candidates should also pass an exam that consists of 250 multiple-choice questions if you choose its linear type. Be sure to dedicate a total of 6 hours to complete the test with no provisions for arranged breaks in between the test duration. However, if you are going to sit for your assessment in English, you can opt for the CAT format, and thus, you’ll be given 3 hours to manage 100-150 tasks.

COMPTIA NETWORK+ exam content is naturally derived from 8 domains commonly known as the Common Body of Knowledge. They include software development security, security operations, security assessment, and testing, identity and access management, communications and network security, security engineering, asset security, risk management, and security. The COMPTIA NETWORK+ test costs $699 even though the actual fee may vary depending on the country.

So as not to waste time and money, you should pay enough attention to the preparation process. Utilize reliable study guides and remember to check yourself with practice tests. These sets of questions and answers will help you see all your weak points and you’ll also understand how the exam is built. If taken from dependable sources, mock tests can even contain items that will appear on your main assessment!


The benefits you gain through the COMPTIA NETWORK+ certification can play a huge role in developing your career in cybersecurity. Explore the experience requirements, prepare for the test, pass it, and you’ll get much closer to achieving your professional goals. So, get started right away to enjoy the advantages soon! So as not to waste time and money, you should pay enough attention to the preparation process. Utilize reliable study guides and remember to check yourself with practice tests.

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