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For the loyal Globe subscribers and PAL frequent flyers, here’s one good news to you. You can now convert your Mabuhay Miles points into Globe reward points and shop with it, buy gasoline in select Petron stations, dine with KFC, or buy your friend a coffee at Figaro.

Converting PAL Mabuhay Miles to Globe rewards points is an initiative that promotes further engagement and customer delight to both loyal Globe subscribers and Philippine Airlines customers,” said Jay Beltran, Head of Customer Lifecycle Management at Globe

Globe Rewards-PAL Launch_digitalspidey
Mr. Ernest Cu, Globe CEO flanked by Ms. Jeaneth Alfonso, Head Customer LifeCycle Mgt. of Globe and Ms. Sylvia Domingo, AVP PAL Product Loyalty Marketing. Globe-PAL rewards partnership.

For PAL regular customers, here are the conversion you should take note. For 2,000 Mabuhay Miles converted, subscribers can earn 400 rewards points; 1,500 Mabuhay Miles can be converted to 300 rewards points; and 1,000 Mabuhay Miles can earn subscribers 200 rewards points.

Subscribers can use rewards points to redeem items from the Globe Rewards catalog such as Globe services, shopping, dining and leisure items, gadgets, and gift certificates. Recently, using the point-to-peso conversion of 1 point = P1.00, subscribers are given more options to redeem their points, where rewards points can now be used as cash to purchase items from partner merchants.

How to convert PAL Mabuhay Miles to Globe Rewards points.
Members should call PAL hotline at 855-8888 for Manila or (032) 340-0191 for Cebu, you you can visit the Mabuhay Miles Service Center at Mabuhay Miles Service Center Makati. A text notification will be sent to the member indicating that the Globe rewards points have been credited to his or her mobile number.

Globe Rewards points are earned every time a prepaid subscriber tops up, or a postpaid subscriber uses his Globe postpaid plan. Subscribers can also receive points shared by fellow Globe subscribers for bigger rewards. Aside from new partner merchants, the Globe Rewards catalog includes Globe call and text services, shopping, dining and leisure items, and gadgets. To date, over 12 million Globe/TM subscribers have been actively using their points to redeem rewards.

Mabuhay Miles members earn miles from Philippine Airlines flights and program partners such as credit card rewards program, hotels, resorts, car rentals and telecommunications.

Redemption of Globe rewards from partner merchants can be done by texting BUY MOBILE # OF MERCHANT AMOUNT to 4438. To check available points, text BAL to 4438. For more details, visit

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