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Create video clips from your #GlobeBBZ10's photos using Story Maker

Taking photos can be done by anybody who has a camera, you don’t need to be pro to do this. Current smartphones like BBZ10 have a camera that captures photos real quick and fast. Snapping a moment during travelling for sharing to your fave social media networks is easy, but creating videos is another story.


Taking a second look at the BBZ10’s Story Maker lets you create short HD video clips is as easy as 123! Three simple steps is all you need. I was amazed with the result and yes the HD output is impressive! I can’t believe I made a 1.5-minute video clip in just five minutes or so! The last time I made a 4-minute video for a gadget review, it took me almost half day!

To create your video clip using BBZ0’s Story Maker, follow the following steps.

  1. Start your Story Maker from your BBZ10
  2. Choose Create New Story from the Menu
  3. Choose Media – you can choose short video clips or photos from your existing gallery
  4. Choose Music – a background music will make your photos alive, choose one. BB has Sample songs.
  5. Titles and Credits – put a title to your video clip and credits
  6. Save it and you’re done!

Very simple! The file is saved as .MP4, this file can be uploaded to your YouTube channel or posted in your favorite Social Media networks for sharing.

Uploading it to my Youtube Channel is fast and easy too. This is made possible by PowerSurf 499 which gives me 1g of data! Which means I never have to worry about how much data I’m using while making my masterpieces. PowerSurf is available in both Globe Postpaid and Prepaid subscriber. To register text PowerSurf499 to 8888.

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