Enjoy Ber-Months Shopping with Mocasa

The “Ber” months are coming up, so it’s time to celebrate and shop. From now until December, you can prepare for the holidays and shop at Mocasa for all your holiday shopping needs until December 31.

Mocasa is the first virtual credit card in the Philippines. It has a Pay Later credit line of up to PHP30,000 that can be paid back over 50 days with no interest. You only need to download the app, apply for a “Pay Later” account, and show any necessary proof (like a government ID or proof of income). Within minutes, you’ll be approved. Once accepted, you can use Mocasa’s virtual Mastercard to start shopping online during the “Ber” months.

Mocasa also has a service called Quick Loan, which lets you borrow up to PHP25,000 in cash for as little as 0.2% per day in interest, which you pay back over three payments. You may also pay off your Mocasa Quick Loan early and only have to pay the original amount plus the daily interest.

As the weather gets cooler, it’s time to update your outfit with the latest styles, which include sweaters and earthy tones. These will keep you warm and stylish. As stores show off their fall and winter collections, don’t forget to look for sales and deals.

In addition to fashion, the “Ber” months are a great time to decorate your home with various items, such as wreaths, lights, and beautiful trinkets. No matter what style you want, stores are full of items that make your home look like a winter paradise. Also, enjoy the joy of giving gifts this holiday season by starting your Christmas shopping early, making a budget, and checking online stores for deals and discounts to find thoughtful gifts for your family and friends without spending too much.

It can be hard to find the perfect Christmas gifts, home decor, and fashion items for the end of the year. Thanks to the SM Malls Online App, you can easily shop online at stores like SM and have your items delivered or picked up in-store.

To make online shopping with SM Malls Online App even merrier, sign up with Mocasa and use the referral code “SMONL” to receive a PHP200 e-voucher from SM. Install Mocasa, then register either for Pay Later or Quick Loan option. If your application is approved, you will receive your SM e-voucher and be alerted via SMS or in-app notification. The promo runs from September 25 to December 25.

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