Wikipedia list of fake news websites

Wikipedia list of fake news websites

Wikipedia has released a list of websites that are tagged as fake news sites. What’s interesting in this list is that there is a dedicated list of so-called fake news websites from the Philippines only.

Fake News Website defined

According to Wikipedia:
Fake news websites deliberately publish hoaxes and disinformation to drive web traffic inflamed by social media. These sites are distinguished from news satire (which is humorous) as they mislead and sometimes profit from readers’ gullibility.


Moreover, the list presented by Wikipedia has links that are already now dead, under construction, has redirect to other URLs, or have morphed, but are maintained in the list to show how prevalent fake news sites.

You are advised to practice due diligence when visiting some of the URLs listed below as anti-virus software has tagged some as containing malware.

List of fake news websites by Wikipedia

No. Website Name URL
1 24Seven Daily News
2 Ako’y Pilipino
3 Al Jazeera TV
4 All Things Pinoy
5 Asian Policy Press
6 Balitang Pinas
7 BBC101, BBC Channel, TV BBC
8 BBC Times
9 Blog di latestdutertenews
10 Classified Trends
11 TV CNN, CNN Channel, CNN Alive (contains malware)
12 Dai1lymail/Mail in One
13 Daily Filipino
14 Daily Filipinews
15 Definitely Filipino
16 Dugong Maharlika
17 Duterte News
18 Duterte News Blog
19 Duterte News Info
20 Duterte Trending News
21 DW-TV3
22 Dyaryo
23 Media ni Duterte
24 Extreme Readers
25 FilipiNews PH
26 FilipiNews
27 Fox Channel
29 GRPundit
30 Guard1an
31 Hot News Philippines
32 I Am Pilipino
33 International Latest Updates
34 Kalye Pinoy
35 Leak News PH
36 Maharlika News
37 My News TV
38 News 8 Bureau
39 News Feed Society
40 Newsfile
41 News Info Learn
42 News Media PH
43 News Titans
44 News Trend PH
45 News TV
46 OKD2
47 Philippine News Blog
48 Philippine News Courier
49 Philippine News Portal
51 Pilipinas Online Updates
52 Pilipinas Trending News
53 Pinas News Portal
54 Pinoy Article
55 Pinoy Freedom Wall
56 Pinoy News Blogger
57 Pinoy News TV
58 Pinoy Pasikat
59 Pinoy Speak
60 Pinoy Viral Issues
61 Pinoy World
62 PRRD News
63 Pinoy Trending
64 Pinoy Trending News
65 Pinoy Tribune
66 Pinoy Viral Issues
67 Pinoy World
68 Public Trending (down)
70 Radio GTV
71 So Whats News
72 Social News PH
73 Taho News
74 Tartey Viral
75 The News Feeder
76 The Philippine Politics
77 The T1mes
78 The Volatilian
79 Thinking Pinoy
80 Today in Manila
81 Today’s Broadcast
82 Trending Balita
83 Trending News Portal
84 Trending News Video
85 Trending Topics
86 Trending Viral
87 Tulfo News
89 Updater24
90 Usa Radio
91 Verified Philippines
92 Viral Portal


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