List: Smartphone Brands with Flagship stores in Lazada

Online shopping became more popular recently because most of us are locked at home due to the pandemic.

This is the NEW normal so to speak.

The NEW normal made eCommerce thrive even more in the Philippines because a platform like Lazada and Shopee offer cash on delivery (COD).

In this article, we listed a few of the popular brands that have official stores in Lazada. This list aims to help you purchase legit items from the brand.

Why buy from the official stores?

Legit items bought from official stores have advantages like warranty and customer support. Some brands like realme even extended their warranty during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Also, it is advised or recommended to buy from the legit stores to avoid possible scams.

Let’s get started.

1. realme

realme is currently one of the busiest brands in the Philippines. In its Lazada flagship store, it has almost 30 SKUs you can order.

realme Flagship Store Lazada:

2. Huawei

What you probably saw in malls are also in Huawei’s official store in Lazada. From smartphones, tablets, laptops, audio, and wearables, to accessories.

Huawei Flagship Store Lazada:

3. Samsung

Samsung is one of the biggest brands on the platform of Lazada. Unlike the first two brands listed above, Samsung has a variety of products to choose from. We are talking about smartphones, tablets, wearables, accessories, TVs and Soundbars, microwaves and refrigerators, and washers.

Samsung Flagship Store Lazada:


OPPO is known for having its A and F series smartphones. They have the midrange and flagship levels which they call the Find and Reno series. They also have select accessories like BT speakers, USB cables and earphones.

OPPO Flagship Store Lazada:


Vivo is known for its V, Y, and S series of smartphones. Aside from smartphones they also offer authentic accessories like wall chargers, earphones, and USB cables.

VIVO Flagship Store Lazada:

6. Apple

Who does not love Apple? LOL! Yup, Apple has a strong presence in Lazada as well. Almost all Apple products are sold in Lazada. You have to check it out.

Apple Flagship Store Lazada:


What’s the essence of this article?

We want to encourage you to buy products from the official stores only. Because it will have lots of advantages in the long run. From warranty to customer service. Cash on delivery method is also a plus, but this might not be true to all vendors.

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments section.

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