The Ultimate Guide in getting a Globe Postpaid Plan


In the fast-paced world today, our smartphone is very important in our life. We use it in communicating with other people, shopping for different items, and even when entertaining ourselves. But what will happen if you don’t have enough credits to use?

Are you thinking of getting a Globe postpaid line but you don’t know which one fits your lifestyle and budget?

Having a postpaid plan is considered a smart move. If you always use your phone to call, send messages, and browse the internet, subscribing to a Globe prepaid promo may not be sufficient. You will end up spending so much prepaid load, just to maximize the usage of the promotion.

Applying for a postpaid line, however, is not as easy as 1-2-3. But you can make your application process faster and easier if you are prepared beforehand.

Need help in knowing which is the best plan for you and what are the requirements you need? You are in the right place. Here is everything you need to know about Globe Postpaid Plans!

Why Should I Get a Globe Postpaid Line?

Many people use prepaid mobile phones, especially those who don’t use their phones very often. Postpaid lines require the user to pay a monthly service bill based on the amount that is being used.

Today, many telecommunications company, including Globe Telecom, who are offering various plans with free handsets. Unlike what others think, getting a postpaid line is actually cheaper and more convenient.

Here are the advantages that you can get as a postpaid mobile user:

No More Worrying About the Balance

Have you ever experienced having an emergency and you needed to call someone but unfortunately, you don’t have any credits left? We’ve been there. Nobody wants to experience this again.

A low balance on your phone will never be your problem as a postpaid user. You don’t need to worry about the network “eating” up your prepaid load anymore. You only have to pay for your monthly subscription.

No More Expensive Text and Phone Calls

When you are using a prepaid line, you always send a message instead of calling the other person. But what if you need to get hold of him or her and he’s not responding? Are you willing to let go at least P30 to P50 of your prepaid load to call that person?

You can avoid expensive text and phone calls with a postpaid line. Your subscription comes with free calls and texts every month. What made it better is that with Globe, you get unlimited calls to Globe and TM subscribers. Plus, you can also send as many text messages as you want to all networks. Now, you don’t need to count the number of minutes you are spending when calling another person since you will not be charged every minute.

Better Deal With Mobile Internet

A postpaid contract with Globe comes with free data allocation. You can use it in checking your emails or playing mobile games. Plus, you don’t need to worry about your promo expiring without you knowing since the data allocation is good for a whole month.

Auto-Renewing Convenience

Since you have a postpaid line, auto-renewing will no longer be an issue. This means you don’t need to register over and over again to get to enjoy the unlimited services and the data allocation that comes with your subscription.

Get A New Handset With Your 24-Month Contract

Your 24-month contract plan comes with a new handset of your choice. If you are a prepaid user, you need to buy the latest model of your preferred smartphone. With the ThePLAN, Globe Telecom will let you choose the available smartphone for the plan of your choice.

And the best part? After your contract and you still choose to stay with Globe, they will give you another phone!

Enjoy Different Freebies And Bonuses

Globe Postpaid plans come with special bonuses and services. For Globe Telecom, this can range from free Spotify Premium, DisneyLife, and even movie tickets via GMovies!

Right now, they are also giving away free Ekobuds Lifestones 2 earphones with every application made online.

Payment Convenience

Say goodbye to long lines and hours after hours of waiting for your turn. You can pay your monthly service fee with any Payment Centres, online using your credit card or GCash.

If you’re ready to take the next step and apply for a Globe Postpaid line, you need to lodge your application.

Documentary Requirements

There are different ways on how you can apply for a Globe postpaid plan: You can do it online, call their hotline, or visit a Globe Business Center personally and submit your requirements.

Before you apply, you can fast-track your application by having the following documents available.

1. Proof of Identity. Your Identification Card should contain your photo, complete name, and signature. Globe accepts the following ID:

  • Valid Passport
  • Company ID
  • Valid Driver’s License

2. Proof of Billing Address. This document should be under your name and should also be the latest issued copy. The telecom accepts the following billing statements:

  • ID with address
  • Public Utility Bills (electric, water or cable)
  • Notarized Contract of Lease
  • Airway Bill

3. Proof of Income. To prove your capability to pay your monthly obligation, proof of income should also be submitted. The accepted proof of income are:

  • Certificate of Employment and Compensation bearing your complete name, position, and salary. This should also be on your company’s letterhead, with the HR’s contact number (except cellphone), address, and email address.
  • Computerized 1-month payslip
  • Form 1700 or ITR with BIR or Bank-received stamp
  • Form 2316
  • Credit Card (will swipe to charge the advance monthly service fee)
  • For Overseas Filipino Workers: 3-month Certificate of Allotment plus
  • Employment Contract

If you don’t have any Proof of Income, you can also use the following:

Pay the monthly service fee for a month in advance using your credit card.
Get an existing Globe Postpaid Plan customer as a guarantor for your Globe Plans application.

4. Additional Requirements If You Are A Foreigner. These documents should be the latest copy and should not be expired.

  • DOLE Employment Permit
  • I-Card
  • Employment Contract or Certificate of Employment bearing your complete name, position, and salary. This should also be on your company’s letterhead, with the
  • HR’s contact number (except cellphone), address, and email address.
  • Immigration Certificate of Registration
  • Company Guarantee (if you are staying less than the contract period you are applying for)
  • Special Retiree’s Residence VISA

In any case, you don’t have the documents listed above, there are still other ways to apply:

If you are an existing Globe Postpaid Plan customer or you are a Line-Only applicant, you just need to submit a valid ID.

If you are from an OFW family, you can submit your certificates of allotment for the last three months from the application or a copy of your foreign remittance slip. This can serve as your proof of income.

If you are a housewife, you may submit the original copies of your electricity bills or the rental or lease of the contract.

For the ease of your application, keep the following in mind:

  1. Submit the original copies of your documents.
  2. All applications are still subject to approval from Globe’s team. If deemed necessary, you will also be asked to submit some additional requirements.
  3. All the listed documents are subject to change.

Now that you know the necessary documents that you need to submit, you also need to choose the postpaid line that will come with your contract. Choose the Globe Postpaid Plans that will match your budget as well as your needs.

Globe G Plans

As of 2018, Globe Telecom made some changes to its available Postpaid Plans. These new lifestyle plans are made to fit every person’s lifestyle and budget.

Today, Globe Postpaid plan is called GPlan and subscribers have four (4) choices. These are G Plan with Device, G Plan with GCash, G Plan SIM-Only and G-Plan SIM-Only All data.

Globe Postpaid Plan
Globe G Plan

Let’s list them all for you.

GPlan with Device

PlansPlan 599Plan 999Plan 1499Plan 1999Plan 2499
Inclusion:24-month contract24-month contract24-month contract24-month contract24-month contract
2GB of data5GB of data10GB of data15GB of data25GB of data
Unli All-Net Texts
Unli All-Net Calls​, Calls to DUO and Landline
Remarks*Unli all-net calls is an introductory promo valid until June 30, 2021 only.
AdditonalFree 3GB of GoWiFi
Free KonsultaMD (Individual Subscription)
Free GInsure (FREE 3 months COVID-19 & Dengue coverage from Singlife)
Monthly FeeP599P999P1,499P1,999P2,499

GPlan with GCash

PlansGPLAN 599 with GCashGPLAN 999 with GCashGPLAN 1499 with GCashGPLAN 1999 with GCashGPLAN 2499 with GCash
P4,200 GCash creditsP8,200 GCash creditsP13,600 GCash creditsP18,000 GCash creditsP22,800 GCash credits
24-month contract
Inclusion:2GB of data5GB of data10GB of data15GB of data25GB of data
Unli All-Net Texts
Unli All-Net Calls, Calls to DUO and Landline
Free 3GB of GoWiFi
Free KonsultaMD (Individual Subscription)
Free GInsure (FREE 3 months COVID-19 & Dengue coverage from Singlife)
Monthly FeeP599P999P1,499P1,999P2,499
NoteAdvance payment for the monthly service fee is not available for GPlan with GCash. Submission of Proof of Financial Capacity is required.

GPlan with SIM-Only

PlansGPLAN SIM-Only 599GPLAN SIM-Only 999GPLAN SIM-Only 1499GPLAN SIM-Only 1999
GPLAN SIM-Only 2499
Inclusion6-month contract
4GB of data10GB of data20GB of data30GB of data50GB of data
Unli All-Net Texts
Unli All-Net Calls, Calls to DUO and Landline
Free 3GB of GoWiFi
Free KonsultaMD (Individual Subscription)
Free GInsure (FREE 3 months COVID-19 & Dengue coverage from Singlife)
Monthly FeeP599.00P999.00P1,499.00P1,999.00P2,499.00

GPlan with SIM-Only All Data

PlansGPLAN SIM-Only All Data 599GPLAN SIM-Only All Data 999GPLAN SIM-Only All Data 1499GPLAN SIM-Only All Data 1999GPLAN SIM-Only All Data 2499
Contact6 months
Inclusion10GB of data20GB of data40GB of data60GB of data80GB of data
Free 3GB of GoWiFi
Free KonsultaMD (Individual Subscription)
Free GInsure (FREE 3 months COVID-19 & Dengue coverage from Singlife)
Monthly FeeP599.00P999.00P1,499.00P1,999.00P2,499.00

See also: Globe Platinum Plans

If you want more, Globe has a premium plan. This is suited for individuals with higher paying capacity. Globe Platinum Plans also offer free high-end and limited edition smartphones which are not available in the regular Postpaid Plans.

How To Apply Online

For your convenience, Globe allows you to apply online through their website.

Step No. 1. Select The Postpaid Plan Fitting Your Budget and Lifestyle. Choose whether you want the ThePlan PLUS which comes with larger data or ThePLAN that comes with a brand new electronic device. ThePLAN PLUS comes with 6 months contract only.

Step No. 2. Add The Product To Your Cart. Once you choose the postpaid plan that you want, click the “Add to Cart” button. Check the plan details and choose whether you want to have it delivered straight to your doorsteps or you will pick it up in-store. Select “Proceed” to check-out and start filling out the application form.

Globe Postpaid Plans

Step No. 3: Fill Out the Application Form. Key in all your information and make sure that you are not skipping all the required fields. For your application to be processed faster, submit a digital format of your ID, Proof of Billing, and Proof of Income online.

Step No. 4: Finalize Your Order. Congratulations! You will see a window confirming your Globe Plans application. You will also receive a separate confirmation message containing your tracking number which will be sent through email and text.

Things To Remember When Applying For A Globe Postpaid Plan

Now that you know what are the available postpaid plans for you as well as the requirements you need to submit, there are things you also need to remember. Keep these items in mind for a smooth and beneficial subscription to the network.

1. You Need to Pay a Termination Fee

If you want to terminate your plan before the end of your contract, you will be required to pay a termination fee. Before you sign the subscriber’s contract, read it first and ensure that you can commit to the plan long-term to avoid making unnecessary payments.

2. You Cannot Use Your Old Number Anymore

Once you are a postpaid plan subscriber, you will be given a new number. This new number is different from your old one so you need to inform your friends, colleagues, and other people you know again.

3. You Cannot Use Any Globe Prepaid Promo

Since you are already subscribed to the services of Globe’s postpaid, you can no longer subscribe to any Globe Prepaid Promo.

4. You Can Use Your Credit Card

To avoid any payment delays or long queues, you can use your active credit card to pay for your application as well as your monthly dues.

You can settle your monthly bill the fastest, easiest, and most secure way by paying it via credit card or using your GCash through online at You can conveniently pay it anywhere, even if you are not at home and on the road. Plus, once you pay your bills online, it has a same-day posting of payments.

If you opt to pay by cash, there are many ways on how you can settle your monthly bill. You can pay it through any of Globe’s payment channels such as Western Union, SM Payment Center or even at 7-Eleven. You can also pay it at any Globe Telecom store near your place.

5. Enjoy Data Rollover

Make the most out of your data with Globe’s Data Rollover.

If you used 1.5 GB out of your 3 GB data allocation for the month, your left-over data allowance will be added to the next month’s allocation.

Data Rollover has no extra charge so you don’t need to worry about the fees.

6. Get Additional Postpaid Line For The Family

If you have an existing line as a Globe Postpaid subscriber, you can get an additional line for your family members.

7. Protect Your Phone

Be worry-free while protecting your gadget against accidental damage and theft. You can apply for Globe Gadget Care to get you covered.

You can enjoy complete mobile protection 24/7 for as low as P89 for one device. The Globe Gadget Care covers the following:

  • Accidental Damage. If your gadget slipped from your hand, fell and the floor, and gets damaged, especially the screen, it will not only break your heart but your pocket too. Globe will repair any damages to your phone by supplying you with a new one at no charge.
  • Theft. If your phone gets snatched or you suffered from a hold-up, the telecom will get you covered and will replace your phone.
  • Bill Protect. We don’t want any unfortunate life events from happening. However, if something happens and you cannot pay your bill, Gadget Care will help you don’t go over your budget.

Once Globe Telecom approves your claim, you can get the replacement gadget delivered to your doorsteps, no matter where you are in the Philippines. Plus, even if you are anywhere around the world and your phone gets lost or broken, Gadget Care will protect you and your phone.

2018 High-End Phones on Globe Postpaid

If you want to own high-end phones, you can check out the likes of Huawei P20 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9+, and iPhone X.

The Huawei P20 Pro is offered by Globe at Plan 1999 with a cash-out of P14,400. While the Samsung Galaxy S9+ can be availed for P2,499/month. The Apple iPhone X is available at Plan 1799 with a cash-out of P38,400.


Having a postpaid line is convenient — you don’t need to purchase any prepaid load or apply in a different Globe Prepaid promo to stay connected all the time and anywhere!

You also get a FREE phone every time you renew your plan. There is no need to buy the phone you like at the SRP price point.

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