New Caltex Havoline and Delo Sports engine oils — car owners worry-free road trip partners

New Caltex Havoline and Delo Sports engine oils are advanced engine oils specially formulated for maximizing engine life while maintaining high power and performance even under the most severe conditions.

The new heavy-duty engine oil (HDMO) Delo Sports Advanced SAE 5W-40 and the Havoline Formula SAE 10W-30 pack advanced technology formula to enhance the driving lifestyle of young and seasoned Filipino drivers.

Gasoline and diesel vehicle owners will get the benefits of maximized engine life, full driving power, and performance. There will be wide temperature protection, reduced emissions, and oil consumption, which all translate to optimized fuel economy for more adventurous rides in and out of the city.  

The Delo Sports Advanced SAE 5W-40 is a super-premium quality “low SAPS” (sulfated ash, phosphorus, and sulfur) synthetic diesel engine oil that provides ultimate protection for sports utility and sports activity recreational vehicles, high-performance pickups and 4×4 type vehicles, including those with the latest low emission diesel engines.

Off-road vehicles and SUVs endure rocky, muddy or low-traction surfaces along trails or forest roads to get to the best spots for sightseeing, camping or picnicking.

These vehicles need large amounts of power to conquer rough terrain while carrying heavy loads.

Delo ensures owners that their engine is protected while continuously producing high torque and power at low speeds. This means the whole family or barkada will get to see more sights, collect more memories, safely return home, and do it again, with Delo protecting their vehicle’s engines.

“When I started using Delo Sports, there was noticeably less engine noise and vibration, and I experienced improved acceleration. Over the past year, it feels like my car is back to its brand-new condition and I can definitely take on whatever road and terrain I encounter with relative ease,” shares Sander Pera, SUV enthusiast. “I am convinced that Delo Sports is a premium quality engine oil that allows me to test the limits of my ride and makes me experience its maximum performance.”

For gasoline engines, the Havoline Formula SAE 10W-30 has what it takes to keep young drivers going. A resource-conserving, multigrade gasoline engine oil, it is specially engineered with Deposit Shield Technology, an advanced detergent formula unique to Havoline products that prevent deposit buildup and caters to passenger cars and light commercial vehicles requiring low viscosity. The viscosity grade 10W-30 is designed for fuel efficiency and a popular grade recommended for Japan and American car models.

“We at Caltex never stop creating innovations that meet the needs of riders. We want to give all kinds of riders the drive, the empowerment, the maximized protection, and the fuel economy benefit to keep going,” shares Hafiz Nasar, area business manager of Chevron Lubricants for Philippines.  

The Havoline Formula SAE 10W-30 and Delo Sports Advanced SAE 5W-40 are sold in the nearest Caltex stations, auto supply shops, leading hardware stores and online.

You can get a FREE limited edition of Delo Sports toolset with every purchase of 6+1L Delo Sports Advanced 5W-40 promo pack.  You can also save P150 when you buy a 6+1L Delo Sports Synthetic Blend 10W-30 with Techron D Concentrate bottle promo pack.

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