JBL PH launches 70s Audio Designs with Reimagined Authentics Speaker Range and Spinner BT Turntable

At a special event not open to the public, JBL recently showed off its newest line of Reimagined Authentics speakers and the Spinner BT Turntable. These products, with their immersive sound, wireless connectivity, and stylish designs, will improve nostalgic audio encounters.

With its Quadrex grille pattern, luxury aluminum frame, and custom leather-like enclosure, the JBL Authentics Speaker range pays homage to the company’s history and the unique style of the 1970s. The unique retro style goes well with the vintage charm of the 20th century and makes a strong statement about one’s taste and style.

An essential part of the series’ design is eco-friendly materials, which show that JBL cares about the earth. Made from 100% recycled fabric, 85% recycled plastic, and 50% metal, the speakers are very durable. They come in cardboard boxes that are FSC-certified and are stamped with soy ink.

With built-in Wi-Fi and high-definition music streaming, the Authentics series speakers provide an excellent sound experience for the whole family. It can also stream music through AirPlay, Alexa Multi-Room Music (MRM), the built-in Chromecast, and Spotify Connect so that you can listen to music without interruptions and in an intelligent way. Listeners using Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa simultaneously can control many smart home devices and various music streaming services without using their hands. The series has simple settings through the JBL One app and Bluetooth pairing that is very easy.

To meet the needs of current soundscapes, the Authentics range has three different styles:

  1. For just ₱39,999, the JBL Authentics 500, which is the top of the line, offers Dolby Atmos music performance and a sound that fills the room.
  2. The JBL Authentics 300 has a metal handle that is easy to carry and an 8-hour battery that is built in. This makes it perfect for anywhere and plays great sound. For just ₱ 26,999, you can get it.
  3. The small JBL Authentics 200 has a big, balanced sound with great clarity and deep bass. It can fill any room with great sound and costs only ₱20,999.

With an aluminum platter and tonearm, a black MDF plinth with orange or gold details that are uniquely JBL, a modern front panel, and a hinged dust cover that makes it look even better, the JBL Spinner BT has a bright design and a beautiful finish

The belt drive system and motor with an optical sensor underneath this turntable make the sound smooth and distortion-free. It plays albums perfectly at 33⅓ rpm and EPs and singles perfectly at 45 rpm thanks to its die-cast metal platter. The black MDF base improves the sound quality even more, giving you the best quality for your vinyl records.

The JBL Spinner BT Turntable retails for ₱30,999.

The hottest new sound products, like the JBL LIVE 670NC, LIVE 770NC, JBL Soundgear Sense, and JBL PartyBox Ultimate, are coming.

JBL is about to release some of its most exciting new sound products, such as the JBL LIVE 670NC, LIVE 770NC, JBL Soundgear Sense, and JBL PartyBox Ultimate. One great addition is the JBL Soundgear Sense, a pair of wireless open-ear headphones with four voice microphones and easy-to-use touch settings. These headphones have JBL OpenSound Technology and air conduction, which makes them easy to wear for a long time. With an IP54 rating, these headphones can handle sweat and light rain, making them perfect for music lovers who are always on the go. The neckband can be taken off for extra safety.

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