Lenovo Ideapad U300s, Photos and Pricing

Lenovo’s year-end offering is their Lenovo IdeaPad U300s. A really sexy Ultrabook as fas I am concerned; a friend tested this for a few days and I was amazed by the battery performance. Let me not mention the specs since what’s inside the hood is already impressive. The 13-inch laptop looks like the MacBook Pro, however, if you look at the pricing you may want to opt for the MBP instead.

Here are some photos of the actual unit:

What could be lacking for this almost P56k notebook is an SD Card slot which could have been a good option for external storage. For a premium price of P55,995.00 which will be in stores in January, the guys at Lenovo forgot to put SD Card slot. Or, they have a good reason for not including it. 🙂

The laptop, when used with minimal settings, can bring you longer battery life. We covered three events in two days and U300s was still up and running. When I say minimal settings, it is the lowest brightness, the only browser is running, and Wi-fi is on demand mode.

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