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LG Goes Beyond Boundaries With New Monitor Line

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Working from home has been more common in the last year. Avoiding traffic and being safe from the pandemic leads to improved enjoyment, efficiency, and productivity. Consumers adapted quickly at home. However, not all workspaces were suitable. The need for good computer monitors was one of the greatest challenges. Monitors were one of the fastest-growing sectors last year. According to IDC, the monitor market gained 16.9% year over year in the 4th quarter of 2020, shipping 39.2 million units worldwide.

LG Electronics, which has always been on the cutting edge of technology, has recognized this trend and developed a new range of monitors that build on existing technology to aid consumers even more. LG has a monitor that’s suitable for you, whether you’re a dedicated gamer, a budding streamer, or simply working from home. They offer a number of enhanced features, such as stunning colors, quick response times, and crisper images, to improve the customer’s experience.

LG Electronics Philippines presented the LG Monitors: Performance Over Boundaries Livestream on the social media channel of LG Electronics Philippines to launch its new monitor line into the local market. This was hosted by LG brand ambassador Luis Manzano and featured several other influencers, including actor and filmmaker Joross Gamboa, photographer Magic Liwanag, and gamer, cosplayer, and content producer Myrtle Sarrosa, who had all tried out the new line of monitors.

LG UltraWide screens allow you to immerse yourself in everything from content creation to play. For real color accuracy at broad angles see a panoramic picture made possible by the extra wide IPS panel at 21:9. Enjoy easier multi-tasking, move between applications quickly and get a complete, unfettered view. The screen space is 33% higher than the standard 16:9 aspect ratio. Stop tabs and start viewing next to them. Stop tabs. HDR10 gives life to work and virtual worlds with up to 350 nits of luminosity. This tech display raises textures, elements, movements of the character, and natural light and shadow. The three-sided design with slender bits provides you with a broader panorama of your screen. It is equipped with AMD FreeSync technologies for playing games, which eliminates the gap between the frame rate of the card and the refresh rate of the display. The adaptability of the LG UltraWide was commended by Joross Gamboa. “LG monitors provide you with the ability to react as it happens. LG UltraWideTM does the work for you, be it for business or relaxation.

A adjustable ergonomic stand is provided for the UltraFine Display Ergo, which may be tailored to all the user environmental qualities and physical characteristics. It can not only boost productivity and efficiency of work, but also improve user comfort. The high level of adjustment technology and ergonomics of LG helps promote ideal postures, which enables every user to build a properly adapted workspace. LG’s UHD IPS display provides realistic, genuine color, improved contrast, clarity, and wide-angle detail. With a full HD resolution four times, the UHD 4K Resolution provides astonishing clarity and fine detail. HDR provides a more dramatic, dynamic sensation of visual immersion. The color rendition offered by the LG UltraFine monitor was thrilling to Magic Liwanag. “The 4K IPS display provides a comfortable viewing experience by eliminating color change from various points of view. All colors are correct once you film, edit and print.”

LG UltraGear line of monitors lets you pave the way to victory crisp visuals, fast response time, and the sharpest clarity. If you’re fed up with dimming and flickering screens, you’ve come to the right monitor. With IPS 1ms Gray to Gray you’ll dominate and clinch victory without the side effects of extreme speed. It is a NVIDIA-tested and officially verified G-Sync® Compatible monitor, reducing screen tearing and minimizing stutter for a smoother, faster gaming experience. Objects are rendered more clearly for smoother gameplay and an almost surreal visual fluidity. Being able to see even the most dynamic and fast-moving objects amidst all the action can give gamers a competitive edge. IPS display with 99% of the sRGB provides outstanding color accuracy and wider viewing angle, so it delivers high-fidelity color for reproducing even more vivid scenes on the battlefield. With a connection to an HDR-capable console (Xbox One S / PS4 Pro) or HDR-supported graphics card, users will enjoy punchier brightness and highlights with deeper shadows and silhouettes. Myrtle Sarrosa gushed about how her LG UltraGear™ monitors have helped level up her gameplay. “It virtually eliminates screen tearing and stuttering. Dynamic Action Sync elevates your gameplay for a pro-level experience.”

LG still supplies the regular monitor. The IPS LG Monitor Full HD display boasts liquid crystal display capabilities. Response times are reduced, color reproduction is enhanced, and users may view a broad angle of the screen. The small bezel display on three sides does not affect blinding accuracy that enables you to establish an optimum work environment by making the tilt-in adjustment easier. It has an ergonomic structure. Thanks to effortless tilt adjustments and clean uni-body design, an ideal working environment may be created. Thanks to the safety technology of Flicker, reader mode and color weakening function, eye strain is decreased. The LG Standard monitor also impressed Luis Manzano. “This has everything on a modern monitor you could desire – it’s full HD, it has an ergonomic design and eye comfort features without borders. You can’t go wrong with that if you want a dedicated work monitor at home.

Sungjae Kim, LG Philippines Managing Director, said “As the whole world made an abrupt pivot into working from home, the need to provide monitors that deliver results and promise productivity was crucial. The latest series of monitors deliver superior productivity and entertainment experiences and are perfect for both home and office use. LG is committed to provide the most practical and advanced products that meet the daily needs of users.”

To end the livestream event, Peter Uhm, LG Philippines Product Director for Monitors, shared the brand’s newest plan to push products for the holiday season. “We hope that the introduction of these new monitors to the local market will help in boosting productivity as working from home becomes the norm. We are currently running a 3 month-long celebration of all things LG with the LG Life’s Good Festival. We will be raffling off over 1 Million Pesos worth of products so we hope you will join us in the festivities.”

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