Celebrate the Holidays with Heartfelt Gift Ideas from Mocasa

As the holidays approach, people come together to celebrate love, thanks, and the joy of giving. Finding the right gift for someone you care about can be fun, hard, and expensive.

Luckily, Mocasa is the first virtual credit card in the Philippines. It has a Pay Later credit line of up to PHP30,000 that can be paid back over 50 days with no interest. You need to download the app, apply for a “Pay Later” account, and show any necessary proof, like a government ID or proof of income. Within minutes, you’ll be approved. Once accepted, you can use Mocasa’s virtual Mastercard to start your holiday shopping online. You can also use your Pay Later account to make purchases in stores by scanning the QR code using the Scan to Pay feature that Asia United Bank (AUB) offers.

Mocasa offers two other services besides Pay Later. The first is Quick Loan, which lets you borrow up to PHP25,000 in cash for as little as 0.2% per day in interest, which you can pay back over three payments. If you pay off your Mocasa Quick Loan before the billing cycle ends, you’ll only have to pay the capital plus the daily interest.

The Gift of Entertainment and Convenience

As a unique and fun holiday gift in the modern sense, streaming service subscriptions take the spotlight. Imagine how exciting it would be to get not just one gift but a pass to a whole world of fun for a whole year. You can give your loved ones a lot of different kinds of content that suits their tastes, like the newest big movies, TV shows they can watch all at once or even just the newest music hits. To make this even cooler, use a food delivery service like Foodpanda to bring you food and drinks, and then use Mocasa to pay for them later.

Another thing is that handling the metro during the holiday rush can be very tiring, especially for people who do it every day. Please give them a beep card preloaded through the Mocasa app to make their travels easy. Also, they can skip the long lines if they don’t have enough balance. They only need to get the Mocasa app on their phone, sign up for a Pay Later account, and start their virtual Mastercard. After being accepted, they can add money to their beep card or use their virtual Mastercard.

DIY Munchies Straight from the Heart

Gifts made by hand show love and care. Try making a batch of cookies, jams, or leche flan from scratch as a work of love that will be remembered. It’s a good thing you don’t have to be afraid of going to the store to get the things you need for these. Now that there are online shopping delivery services like MetroMart, you can be sure you will only get the best and freshest food. on top of everything else, they have many current deals you should use.

Furthermore, if you’re a new MetroMart customer, use the code “MOCASANEW” and pay with your Mocasa virtual Mastercard to get PHP300 off a purchase of at least PHP3,000. Once-only use of this deal is allowed until December 31.

Tech Gadgets for the Future Enthusiast

Think about getting the tech-savvy people in your life the newest gadgets and tools. Besides computers and smartphones, other tech like fitness trackers, noise-canceling headphones, smart speakers, and virtual reality can make their lives easier and more interesting. Check out your favorite online stores, like Lazada and SM Malls Online App, for holiday deals. Then, use Mocasa Pay Later to add things to your cart that you can pay for later.

Sign up for Mocasa and use the code “SMONL” to get a PHP200 e-voucher from SM. This will make shopping online with the SM Malls Online App even more fun. Install Mocasa and sign up for either the Pay Later or Quick Loan choice. We will send you an e-voucher for SM and let you know by SMS or in-app if your application is accepted. The deal ends on December 25.

Gifts of Relaxation and Wellness

Holidays are a great time to relax, rest, or take care of yourself. That being said, why not give your loved ones the care they need? You can treat them by getting them a spa treatment, a makeover, or new clothes from your best online store for the next season. Like in movies, you can also make a TikTok video clip to remember this fun event. Plus, you don’t have to worry about making payments immediately because Mocasa lets you do it from anywhere.

Giving gifts is a fun part of the holiday season, and these ideas will make your celebrations feel more loving and joyful. Remember that giving is a deep way to show love and thanks, whether you choose a personalized touch, experiences over stuff, homemade treats, or high-end treats. As you start your Christmas shopping, remember that the best gifts are the ones that come from the heart and fit the interests and personality of the person you’re buying for. This holiday season, let your gifts show the love and warmth the season is known for.

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