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Finding free browser-based online games for children these days is not always easy, especially if you are looking for anything specific.

A lot of websites are unsuitable for minors and may include viruses, spyware, or cryptocurrency mining software, among other harmful elements.

Because the internet is not a secure environment, you should always check the Google Safe Browsing site status of so-called free sites before you or your children begin playing on them.

I stumbled upon Plays.Org – Play Our Free Browser-Based Online Games while surfing and thought it was fascinating. I got straight in when it passed the Google Safe Browsing test and have spent more time playing the games than my children!

I was astonished by the quality of the free game content, and I found myself recalling games from my childhood that they reminded me of; nothing to worry about, just displaying my age as I’m talking about Atari ST games from the 1980s.

So far, I’ve tested the games on Windows 10, my wife’s iPhone 12, and my old iPad Mini 4. So far, all games I tested works fine.

My top 3 fave games on Plays.Org

It’s time to deal with the zombies. Takedown as many zombies as you can as a lone commander. But you’ve got a major issue on your hands. You can only safely shoot at them from the most inconvenient of locations. This takes a little effort.

On your browser, you only need to aim and click the mouse to kill the zombies!

This game introduces small kids to wild and tamed animals. On the browser, your kid gets to pay a visit to a zoo or a farm. Little kiddo learns about the animals and their noises. And to make it a little challenging, they take the quiz to see how well they know animal noises.

This is a basic three-level game that exposes young kiddos to the different denominations of US currency. They are purchasing fish for an aquarium, and the pet store only accepts exact change.

They select the level of difficulty and the sort of money you wish to count. And then they need to calculate how much money they need to buy fish for a virtual aquarium. Once they purchased all of the fish required to complete the level, proceed to the bonus game.


While are still in the pandemic, our kids including adults can still enjoy playing games without having to spend a lot of money.

Additionally, Plays.Org has lots of game categories to choose from.

I could spend hours just playing one game, and I haven’t even begun to explore the surface of the collection. That’s how deep the library of games has.

These games are simple yet entertaining and some are educational. What’s best is that these games are suitable for individuals of all ages.

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