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The only reason why a seasoned working class should get the realme 12 Plus 5G now

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The realme 12 Plus 5G is known for its exceptional portrait photography capabilities. Its Sony LYT-600 OIS Portrait Camera captures clear and detailed images, even in challenging conditions. With natural bokeh and sharp focus, every portrait shot becomes a masterpiece.

This device delivers remarkable performance and energy efficiency thanks to the Dimensity 7050 5G Chipset.

Whether you’re gaming, streaming, or using apps, you’ll enjoy a smooth and responsive experience.

The realme 12 Plus 5G also features a 120Hz Smooth AMOLED Display, providing vibrant colors and fluid motion for an enjoyable scrolling and swiping experience.

The 67W SUPERVOOC charging technology ensures that the massive 5000mAh battery refills rapidly, minimizing downtime and keeping you connected and productive throughout the day. With this large battery capacity, even the most active users can go through a day without needing to charge.

In addition, the realme 12 Plus 5G comes with innovative features like Rainwater Smart Touch and IP54 Dust & Water Resistance.

These features make the device reliable and usable in various conditions, whether it’s a drizzle or a dusty environment. It’s a versatile companion for all your adventures.

The realme 12+ 5G was launched in the Philippines on March 5, 2025, at the Green Sun Hotel. The launch event was also streamed online on March 7, 2024.

The official prices of the realme 12 Plus 5G in the Philippines are as follows – realme 12+ 5G (8GB+256GB) SRP: PHP 17,999, realme 12+ 5G (12GB+256GB) SRP: PHP 19,999.

Design and build

The realme 12 Plus 5G takes inspiration from the world of luxury watches, bringing a touch of elegance to the smartphone industry. Teaming up with the renowned International Luxury Watch Design Master Ollivier Savéo, realme has infused sophistication into every aspect of this device.

Drawing from the beauty of high-end timepieces, the realme 12 Plus 5G showcases opulence with its polished sunburst dial, exuding a timeless allure. Adding to its regal charm, a golden fluted bezel captures attention with its intricate craftsmanship. And to top it off, the 3D Jubilee Bracelet enhances the aesthetics, radiating charm and refinement with every curve.

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realme continues to set the bar high, showcasing not only top-notch technology but also a strong dedication to sustainable luxury. The realme 12 Plus 5G boasts a deluxe vegan leather back, particularly striking in the chic beige shade that we’re highlighting in this evaluation. This choice of material not only exudes a lavish look but also supports eco-friendly initiatives. The beige version, with its understated yet classy tone, appeals to a timeless fashion sense, making it a versatile choice for users who value both sophistication and environmental awareness. In addition to beige, realme offers this model in hues like a calming blue and a lively green, ensuring a wide array of options to suit various tastes.

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Despite its luxurious appeal, the realme 12 Plus 5G remains practical and user-friendly. With its slim profile, lightweight design, and effortless manageability, it promises comfort and convenience for everyday use.


The realme 12 Plus 5G features a stunning 6.67-inch FHD+ AMOLED E4 display that redefines visual excellence in the smartphone world. This display not only provides breathtaking visuals but also ensures a smooth user experience with its silky 120Hz refresh rate and ultra-responsive 240Hz touch sampling rate. With minimal bezels and an impressive 92.65% screen-to-body ratio, users are immersed in a viewing experience that transports them into the heart of the action.

What truly makes this display stand out is its exceptional brightness capabilities. Boasting a peak brightness of up to 2,000 nits, users can enjoy clear visuals even in direct sunlight. This ensures optimal readability outdoors and enhances the overall viewing experience.

Additionally, the display supports up to 4,096 levels of brightness adjustment, offering unmatched comfort and eye protection in any lighting condition.

realme has also prioritized durability while maintaining visual quality. The use of 0.68mm Secondary Tempered High-Strength Glass makes the display resistant to scratches and daily wear and tear. The Rainwater Smart Touch technology intelligently detects liquid on the screen, ensuring accurate touch input even in wet conditions.

But the innovation doesn’t end there.

Sunlight Display technology automatically adjusts dynamic contrast for optimal viewing under different lighting conditions, saving power and enhancing picture quality.

The display of the realme 12 Plus 5G sets a new standard for smartphone displays, combining cutting-edge technology with durability and user-centric features.


The camera system of the realme 12 Plus 5G takes mobile photography to a whole new level, thanks to its revolutionary integration of the Sony LYT-600 sensor.

This cutting-edge feature alone propels the device into the realm of next-generation photography, setting a remarkable standard within its category.

With the addition of Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) alongside the Sony sensor, users can effortlessly capture breathtaking, blur-free images even in challenging lighting conditions or when dealing with unavoidable hand movements.

But that’s not all.

The realme 12 Plus 5G’s camera goes above and beyond with the help of realme’s exclusive MasterShot Algorithm.

This remarkable software optimization works hand in hand with the hardware to produce images that not only meet but surpass user expectations in various scenarios.

Whether you’re capturing the delicate hues of a sunset or the vibrant colors of a bustling street market, this device delivers stunning results that are both awe-inspiring and effortlessly achieved.

One standout feature is the SuperOIS support, which adds an extra layer of stability, ensuring that every shot is sharp and detailed.

The camera’s versatile 26mm focal length is perfect for a wide range of photography styles, from breathtaking landscapes to captivating portraits.

With its F/1.88 aperture, it allows ample light to enter, making it ideal for low-light photography without compromising on depth of field.

Photographers will also appreciate the 50MP Hi-res Mode, which guarantees exceptional clarity and color accuracy in every image.

This mode brings out the finest details with precision, while making colors pop in a way that brings your photos to life. The realme 12 Plus 5G’s camera is not just a tool for capturing moments; it’s an invitation to explore the world through a lens that offers unparalleled clarity and vibrancy.


The realme 12 Plus 5G demonstrates outstanding battery performance and versatile charging capabilities, making it a standout choice for users prioritizing longevity and convenience. The 5,000mAh battery capacity aligns with industry standards for high-end smartphones, ensuring that users can enjoy extended use across various activities without frequent recharging. The comprehensive battery life, capable of up to 473.11 hours of standby, up to 29.28 hours of phone calls, or up to 7-8 hours of continuous gaming, caters to a wide range of user needs, from casual to heavy usage.

The inclusion of 67W SUPERVOOC fast charging technology significantly enhances user convenience by enabling rapid charging – up to 50% in just 19 minutes and a full charge in about 48 minutes. This feature is particularly beneficial for users with busy lifestyles who cannot afford long downtimes attached to a charger.

Moreover, the charger’s compatibility with Power Delivery (PD) and a broad spectrum of charging speeds (from 18W Quick Charge to 67W SUPERVOOC Charge) add a layer of versatility, making it suitable for charging a variety of devices beyond the smartphone itself. This adaptability is a thoughtful addition, streamlining the charging process for users who own multiple gadgets.


Therefore, if you are in search of a dependable and efficient smartphone that caters to the needs of the experienced working class, look no further than the realme 12+ 5G.

This smartphone is the ideal option over the Pro series for several compelling reasons.

To begin with, the realme 12+ 5G strikes a flawless balance between performance, features, and affordability. It provides a practical choice for professionals who want to maximize value without compromising on quality. With its impressive specifications, including a 5G chipset, high-quality camera system, and long-lasting battery life, this smartphone caters to the diverse needs of busy working individuals.

Furthermore, the realme 12+ 5G ensures exceptional connectivity options, guaranteeing seamless communication and productivity.

Its 5G capabilities offer faster internet speeds, enabling efficient multitasking, video conferencing, and data-intensive tasks that are crucial for professional endeavors.

Moreover, this smartphone boasts a sleek and stylish design that exudes professionalism and sophistication in any workplace setting. The premium materials and finishes add a touch of elegance to its overall appeal.

Additionally, the affordability of the realme 12+ 5G makes it a practical investment for the working class. You can enjoy the latest technology without straining your budget. (You can get this installment from Home Credit and enjoy up to 18 months, 0% interest installment programs.)

In conclusion, the realme 12+ 5G is the optimal choice for experienced working professionals. It offers a perfect balance of performance, connectivity, style, and affordability. With its impressive features and capabilities, this smartphone is a valuable companion for enhancing productivity and efficiency in both professional and personal endeavors.

Build & Design - 9
Performance - 9.5
Camera - 9.5
Battery - 9.5
Price - 9.7


realme 12 Plus 5G Review Summary

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