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Shopee Live hits a 50x uplift in holiday orders during the successful 12.12 Mega Pamasko Sale

Filipinos have shifted their holiday shopping online as they flock towards live selling to find the best holiday deals

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During its 12.12 Mega Pamasko Sale, Shopee, the country’s biggest e-commerce site, saw a 50x increase in orders on Shopee Live, an interactive live-streaming feature. This was in line with the country’s holiday shopping season. As the holiday gift-giving season got underway, 12 million things were sold on Shopee Live across markets in the first two minutes of the much-anticipated sale.
The beloved custom of “monito-monita,” or the surprise exchange of gifts, that lasts for days is an important part of the local holiday celebrations.

People have turned to live-stream shopping to finish their shopping lists because they need to buy gifts so often and the holiday rush is at its peak. This brought 46 times more new buyers to Shopee Live in the Philippines, and buyers saved a huge PHP 509 million by working with sellers and brands.

Filipinos also look forward to year-end bonuses, which, for the most part, give them the chance to make big purchases, buy gifts for their loved ones, or treat themselves after a hard year’s work.

Home & Living items were indeed the most popular group. Women’s Clothing and Mobile Accessories followed them.

Also, the holidays are a great time to go shopping. Filipinos took this to heart, as orders in both the Fashion and Health & Beauty categories went up 5 times.

This could be because they wanted to look their best at holiday parties, update their clothing, or start a new skincare routine early in the new year. People thought that Uni-Care, Maybelline, and Issy & Co. were the best-performing brands across the whole site, with the most orders. On Shopee Live, o.two.o.ph, Uni-Care, and Lovito.ph got the most orders.

Filipinos are smart about spending their money by stocking up on things like face masks, organic baby wipes, and 3-in-1 twin coffee packs that are always in high demand.

“Shopping on the platform has become part of the Filipinos’ purchasing behavior, especially during key celebrations. The holiday season is an integral part of the Filipino culture, and we are happy to be part of this special tradition of giving,” said Vincent Lee, Head of Shopee Philippines. “This is why we continue to find ways to provide both our buyers and sellers a more entertaining and rewarding shopping experience—and the great success achieved by Shopee Live during the 12.12 Mega Pamasko Sale is a testament to one of the many ways we continue to innovate.” 

In addition, a whopping 2.3 million entries poured into the 12.12 Shopee Live Milyonaryo, where lucky winners can potentially walk away with up to one million pesos. “Beyond being a platform for shopping and entertainment, we also aim to become a transformative force in the lives of Filipinos, and the holiday season is one of the best times to gift the community with a life-changing opportunity,” Lee added.  

There will be a 12.12 Mega Pamasko Sale until December 15, 2023. You can get free shipping if you spend at least P0 right now. You can also get 70% off on Pamasko Deals from a lot of different brands and sellers, and Shopee Mall Outlet deals have savings of up to 90% off!

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