Smart unveils Giga promos for streaming, gaming, and social media sharing

Spend more time doing what you love and live out their true purpose. You’ll find the joy and fulfillment in everything you are doing, and you wake up every day inspired to take on whatever challenge that comes your way.

Everything that you need is within reach.

That’s the ultimate message of this latest promo from Smart.

Gigafy your love with more data from Smart

No matter what you love to do online, you can be sure that you can keep enjoying it more than ever—because Smart allows you to Gigafy your love and make the most of your mobile data.

There is no magic here, just dial *123# to avail of the new and updated Giga mobile data promos!

For all the videos you love to watch, Smart offers GIGA VIDEO and GIGA VIDEO+, complete with Video Every Day that lets you enjoy up to 1 hour of YouTube and more every day.

For all the games you love playing online, Smart’s GIGA GAMES has got you covered with Games All Day that gives you 1 GB of data for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and more every day.

And if you love being in the moment on social media, Smart’s got GIGA Stories with 1GB of Stories All Day so you can stay updated with all the content on Facebook and Instagram, daily.

Dial *123# to chase your passions

“We want every Filipino to be free to pursue all of their passions, no matter what they are — this is why we’re more than thrilled to provide the best mobile internet connectivity while giving them more time to do what they love online, allowing our subscribers to ‘Gigafy their love’. Whatever it is that they’re passionate about, be it sports, gaming, music, entertainment or social media, Smart has got them covered,” said Oscar A. Reyes, Senior Vice President, Head of Consumer Business – Individual.

To “Gigafy Your Love” more than ever, dial *123# or visit and like Smart on Facebook and follow @LiveSmart on Instagram and Twitter.

Smart’s Giga offers already gave you the freedom to accomplish just about anything you want online, whether it’s non-stop Facebook and Instagram stories, mobile gaming, and video streaming. More than ever, mobile data experience gets even better as the Philippines’ leading network will be taking your mobile internet experience to a whole new level with bigger, more exciting, and more Gigafied promos—that means you now get to enjoy more of Smart’s fastest mobile network and you get to decide how you want to spend it!

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