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Smart green energy network solution harnesses AI to lower cell sites’ power consumption

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Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart), a wireless subsidiary of PLDT Inc. (PLDT), has introduced an innovative ‘green radio’ network solution across all its wireless radio sites. This initiative has not only helped in reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions but has also resulted in significant cost savings for the company.

Smart has incorporated intelligent and automated features such as shutdowns, sleep mode, adaptive power based on traffic consumption, and multilayer radio power optimization into its network. These eco-friendly innovations have played a crucial role in cutting down energy costs effectively.

Initially tested nationwide in 2023, the AI-powered solution allows for remote and automatic adjustments to capacity and power usage depending on load conditions. This flexibility enables Smart to optimize and conserve radio resources efficiently. Moreover, the solution is designed to be sensitive to radio coverage, ensuring network availability while being scalable to accommodate increased usage. Additionally, the time-based activation feature enables Smart to choose the most suitable times to activate or deactivate the solution based on traffic patterns.

In the past year, Smart has made great strides in reducing power consumption through our green network innovation. This has resulted in a decrease of around 10,900MWH, which is equivalent to the greenhouse gas emissions of over 1,690 gasoline-powered vehicles driven for a year. It is also comparable to the carbon dioxide emissions from the electricity consumption of 920 homes for a year. We are proud to continue our efforts in saving energy by implementing predictive and machine-learning capabilities in our mobile network this year.

To further support the PLDT Group’s decarbonization roadmap, PLDT has secured a ₱1.0bn Green Loan facility from HSBC Philippines. This funding will be used to partially finance the ongoing modernization and expansion of our fiber network, which plays a crucial role in delivering internet services. We are actively exploring the integration of renewables, green technologies, and other energy optimization initiatives as well.

By the end of 2023, Smart’s mobile network will cover 97% of the country’s population.

This is made possible by the extensive fiber infrastructure of PLDT, our mother firm. Our investments in both fixed and wireless networks align with our commitment to bridge the digital divide and provide connectivity for all, in line with the government’s push for nationwide digitalization.

These initiatives are in support of the United Nations’ goals and demonstrate our dedication to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

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