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Tips on how to prevent your phone from Overheating during Games

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Smartphones now serve as de facto tiny game consoles for the majority of their owners. When it comes to gaming, the device of choice for the majority of people is a smartphone, and this is true regardless of how seriously or casually they take their interest in the hobby. In addition to this, this is also the reason why the visual capabilities of smartphones have come a very long way over the course of the past few years.

The mobile version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG Mobile) and Call of Duty are two examples of sophisticated games that require a lot from their players and use a lot of resources.

When playing for an extended period of time, one of the problems that can emerge is that they become overheated. The temperature of the smartphone is normally below 80 degrees Celsius while it is not being used for gaming; but, when it is being used for gaming, this temperature can soar to as high as 82 degrees Celsius.

Because of the potential for it to cause harm to the battery as well as other components of the smartphone, a temperature that is this high is not good for the health of the smartphone.

In addition to this, it reduces the overall fun that can be had from playing the game.

Even while almost everyone has encountered the issue of their mobile device overheating as a result of playing games on it, not everyone is aware of how to resolve the issue.

There are a few things you can do to prevent the temperature of your smartphone from rising to an unsafe level when you are using it to play games.

1. Clear the RAM of the smartphone

Before you start playing a game like PUBG or other games that you have found on platforms like TapTap, close all the running applications from your smartphone. When you close the apps that are running in the background, the processing power of the phone decreases substantially. This minimizes the risk of overheating the smartphone. 

2. Turn off the unrequired sensors 

Most smartphone sensors, such as GPS location, Bluetooth, and mobile data, are continually active in the background. These sensors might drain your smartphone’s battery and cause additional heat. Consider turning off any sensors that you do not need while playing a specific game. This will lessen processor stress and allow you to keep your smartphone cool while playing games.

3. Lower the screen brightness 

Even if you do not engage in gaming but keep the brightness level to a maximum, you will notice that your smartphone has started heating. If you are playing a game indoors, keep the lowest possible brightness level possible that you need while playing the game. You can also use tools similar to Auto Clicker to avoid the burden of manually clicking in a game especially if you are playing a clicker game.  It is recommended to keep the brightness level at 50% which is good both for the smartphone and your eyes. 

4. Remove the casing while playing 

Cases, despite the fact that they contribute to the development of your smartphone, ought to be avoided while playing.

Carrying a case around as you play video games is analogous to going for a run while wearing woolen clothing. The cases prevent airflow and trap heat inside the room. In the absence of any adequate ventilation, the problem of excessive heat will surely manifest itself.

Additionally, thick cases cause connectivity troubles and make it more difficult for your smartphone to search for and connect to a good network. When you are using a smartphone to play a game, you should think about taking the case off of the device.

5. Uninstall the cooling apps 

There is a wide variety of different cooling applications, particularly for Android-based smartphones.

People frequently believe that these cooling apps genuinely cool the smartphone, but if you properly evaluate them, you will see that it serves no use at all.

Any additional app, even if it is an app that keeps your phone cool, will just use more resources than your smartphone already has.

It should come as no surprise that the cooling applications do not actually operate. If your smartphone already has any applications of this kind installed, you should uninstall them all.

6. Do not charge your smartphone while gaming 

Even regular charging will cause your device to become warm, and this will happen regardless of whether or not you are using your smartphone to play a game at the same time.

As a result, using your phone for gaming purposes while it is being charged is not a particularly smart idea. It is a surefire way to cause your electronic device to overheat if you play games on it while it is also being charged. If you are playing a game on your phone and find that the battery has run out, simply pause the game and allow the phone to charge.


Avoid using your phone in areas where direct sunlight is present because this creates an additional source of heat.

In addition, you will need to boost the brightness setting if you are playing the game outside where there is direct sunlight.

You might want to limit yourself to playing games on your smartphone to times when you are inside. If you want to make sure that your smartphone lasts as long as possible, you are going to have to address the issue of overheating on the smartphone without a doubt.

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