Sony PH intros new team of Alpha ambassadors to inspire Filipino photographers


In line with Sony’s commitment to boost the creativity of Filipinos through photography, they introduced a new breed of ambassadors to represent their Sony Alpha line.

In this team of Brand Ambassador are some of the country’s most inspiring photographers who will surely ignite the passion of Filipino hobbyists and demonstrate why Sony cameras are the best in the market today.

Sony Alpha Series PH Ambassadors

To represent Sony’s latest mirrorless camera, the A6300, are toy photographer Sheng Gonzales, travel photographer Kimi Juan, lifestyle photographer Jelito de Leon, and fashion photographer Charisma Lico.


Each of these ambassadors has found the perfect camera in the A6300 and the ideal tool for their craft.

Sony A6300

What the ambassadors say about A6300

On shooting with the A6300, Jelito de Leon shares, “I get better and sharper images for sure. I don’t have to worry about cropping the photo because I will still have a high-quality image.”

Kimi Juan agrees that her travel photos have improved. Juan shared: “It has definitely been easier to shoot with the A6300. The A6300 is light and doesn’t compromise quality at all. The first time I took it on a trip, it really impressed me, because it was easy to use, and the colors did not disappoint either.”

Toy photographer Sheng Gonzales also looks forward to the improvement of her shots, all thanks to Sony. “I was completely blown away with the quality of the photos. It’s fast, crisp and sharp. Since I don’t rely upon much in post processing photos, Sony A6300 delivers an excellent quality and color without further enhancing it with editing software. ”

When asked for their advice to aspiring photographers, De Leon shares, “No matter what Sony model you are using, one thing is important for photography lovers—to get to know your camera and practice. Know what each function does and where the buttons are so you can quickly take a shot.”

Never stop creating good work. The value of quality will show with time. Photography is a job that requires constant learning. Be consistent. The fashion industry is highly exclusive and aside from talent, it requires perseverance, and passion for keeping you going,” says Charisma Lico.

Sony also engaged with some of the industry’s most renowned photographers and filmmakers to be the face of its award-winning Sony A7 line including Paco Guerrero, Pepe Diokno, and Mayad Studios.

Sony has enhanced the way these professionals take their shots which are something they want to share with any photographer just starting his journey.

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