Starbucks taste test: Colombia Nariño Supremo

Last Sunday, April 10, 2010 after attending church’s service, I headed to Starbucks Magallanes. I texted Abe Olandres to join me for a coffee (and blogging… too). He is my mentor in this new avenue.

Image from Starbucks
Image lifted from Starbucks website.

One barista approached us courteously and invited us for a taste test. Ian, a part time barista who is also graduating this summer introduced to taste test Colombia Nariño Supremo.  Before the actually taste testing happens, Ian eagerly briefed us about the new product. He has even the coffee beans harvested from the Western countries and the Asian beans.  He presented a french pressed coffee. Its pure coffee, no sweetener, no creamer. So strong. As you know, growing up we were used to drinking coffee the local way. Hot water, coffee, sugar and creamer and later the introduction of the now very famous in every Filipino home – the instant coffee.

Image by DigitalSpidey

There are four (4) steps according to Ian on how to drink a coffe.

  1. SMELL IT – just like wine, you have to smell it. Cover the glass with your hand and smell the coffee. He said, 90% of what we taste comes from what we smell. Hmmm, makes sense.
  2. SLURP IT –  so my dad was not wrong when he drinks his coffee in the morning, he slurps it. And Ian said its not even a bad manner, its the proper way of drinking a hot coffee.
  3. Locate the EXPERIENCE – try to find out where does the coffee taste hit inside your mouth? Is it in tip of your tongue? Or at the back side portion of it?
  4. RECALL – this one I forgot what he explained, haha!

He also told us that french pressed coffee should have a complimentary flavor, in this case almonds or nuts flavored.

Hit Starbucks now and try the Colombia Narino Supremo! By the name itself is sounds so strong! 🙂

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