Unboxing the Apple iPad Wi-fi 16G

So without any plan at all of having to own the iPad Wi-fi 16G, last August 18, 2010 I went home all smiles, all excited to unbox and try it.

And as promised, here are the unboxing photos for sharing.


The package comes in a decent white box with picture of the iPad on top of it.  The packaging looks nice but it seems to be that it was shipped in a bigger box with the full cushioning included.  Because if it will be shipped individually, the iPad can be potentially damaged because of lack of cushioning.


The package includes the iPad, USB cable that you can use for both syncing and charging it, the AC charger, and a mini instruction manual. That’s it!


And, if you are just like me that is excited to use the iPad for the firs time, hold on a minute and don’t be frustrated! It is just like your iPod classic, you need to initialize it by downloading iTunes first. Connect the iPad to your notebook or PC and iTunes will be the one take care of the rest.

Here are the photo gallery for your viewing pleasure.

[nggallery id=22]


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