What is in my back-end?

As of todate, April 23, 2010  I have the following inventories in my back-end.

  1. Digital Spidey is powered by WordPress
  2. Akismet is my Spam guard
  3. StatCounter tracks the statistics of my blog
  4. Magazine Basic by c. bavotasan is my current theme
  5. Picasa host my photos
  6. Some plugins installed are:
  • Facebook Share
  • Tweet Meme
  • Picasa Express x2
  • Picasa Lightbox
  • Google Buzz
  • WP Cumulus
  • Threaded comment numbering
  • Lightbox 2
  • Who is online.

I also signed up with Google Analytics, Toblogs, CoolPhotoblogs, Facebook badge, Flagcounter among others.

All of these services are free except for the very minimal fee for the hosting this site. So why not start blogging now? Its fun, you learn, you develop your writing  (and my photography) skills, and you make your online experience worthwhile than just visiting your regular Social Networking sites like Facebook, Multiply and probably Friendster.

Digital Spidey
Image by DigitalSpidey

And, as of today I have made the following blog entries:

64 Entries as of April 23, 2010
64 Entries as of 4.23.10

To all my visitors, welcome aboard! Enjoy your stay and I hope I can share stories, photos that somehow can inspire you to blog likewise.

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