What sports apps can I download on my Apple iPhone 13?

What sports apps can I download on my Apple iPhone 13?

Reviews have described Apple iPhone 13 as a device that gives users a brighter display, powerful cameras, and a longer battery life.

Those who have used the phone say it is more powerful than the Android equivalent.

Evelyn Balyton, a content creator who reviews nba online betting philippines – Mightytips says many have found that Apple iPhone 13 and app compatibility are on another level.

They have found the phone ideal for downloading apps that enable them to watch games and also act as a source of information which comes in handy when making their betting decisions.

As a blogger and betting sites reviewer, Evelyn has interacted with several devices and on several occasions recommended the phone to those who would like to install popular sports apps and platforms that can allow them to get the action anywhere they go.

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On the question of sports apps that punters, as well as those who like watching football and other games in the Philippines, can download on their Apple iPhone 13, Evelyn points out that there are several sports apps options in the Philippines and other countries. With its high app compatibility and also the fact that a wide range of sports apps is available, users have an opportunity to watch games anywhere and anytime.

Evelyn says that Apple iPhone 13 and other devices that allow this capability makes it easy to watch games and decide where to place bets. (If you would like to read Evelyn’s reviews and insightful commentaries on various subjects, including sports betting, her profile can be accessed here

Spoilt for a choice

To answer the question that has been asked by several Apple iPhone 13 users, let’s start by saying that when it comes to installing apps, they are spoilt for a choice. However, it is important to check on the app’s compatibility before installation as one may be surprised to find that a favorite platform may not be accepted. In this article, we provide some of the sports apps that will not disappoint when it comes to downloading, accessing, and also user experience among other features.

The Athletic

Punters and sports enthusiasts who are looking for comprehensive reporting find The Athletic an ideal platform. The sports app judging by those who have installed it on their iPhone 13 looks great. It offers exclusive and comprehensive information. As experts point out when a platform has more than 400 reporters and writers you expect in-depth analysis and also content that covers a wide range of areas. Whether it is NBA, NHL, MLB, or soccer among others, all these are covered comprehensively allowing punters to get some valuable information in the course of placing bets.


For those who have been following ESPN, the sports app has recently updated to a new version where users can enjoy auto-playing and on-demand content. With this feature, the app allows users to watch live games and also re-watch older ones. Other additional features include:

  • 30 for 60
  • E:60 
  • SC featured
  • Outside the line, among others

Older features on the app are also great; users can expect to get lots of action and information on different sports including NFL, NHL, and MLS among others.

365 Scores

If you ask any iOS user, you will find that one of the most popular sports apps especially for those who have an Apple iPhone 13 is 365 Scores. The platform features several sporting activities including basketball, baseball, football, rugby, hockey, tennis, and athletics among others. The app allows users to customize their home page in such a way that they can get the sports team that they are most interested in. The most interesting thing about this sports app is the live statistics and scores, features that allow punters to make an informed decision on their bets.

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Livestream app

True to its name, the Livestream app offers users live streaming capability of the sporting event. Compatible with Apple iPhone 13, the app allows access to live streams right from personal broadcasts to professional content. This is an app that reviewers have highly recommended for iPhone 13 devices and all users who are looking for a quick, elegant, and easy way to follow their favorite games.

Sports Devil

The sports app offers users a wide collection of streaming options; both live and delayed matches. Mostly known for soccer streams, the sports app also offers other games such as golf, basketball, hockey, tennis, cricket, and boxing among others. Although it is more geared toward the American and European markets, users from other regions including Asia will find it useful when it comes to watching games and also getting information on various sports topics.

Fox Sports Go

For those who have a cable package that includes Fox Sports, a sports app can be used to watch live content. Fox Sports Go allows iPhone 13 users to watch live matches and news. The platform also offers sports analysis and other commentaries that punters looking to get the best wagering experience will find useful.

With your Apple iPhone 13, you are spoilt for a choice as to the sports apps that you can download on your device. This experience allows you to watch live sports action, and get news and information on various teams and games. As sports betting experts would point out, this is all you need to get the best experience as you wager on your teams and player

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