Where to get those hard-to-find gadgets

You have been browsing at and, and you want this very hot gadget but its only available in the US.  You have relatives in there but they are not as “techie” as you are, you don’t like them to buy the wrong item for you.  You have a credit card but afraid to purchase online.

What are your options? Just watch your friend with his 64G iPad and you just die enviously?  Or you just print the photos from the net and post it in your desk, or just wallpaper it in your laptop.

Worry no more. There’s local online company that can help you solve your problem! What you need to do is just find the item you like and send them a note. Or, head to their website and see the gadgets that are available for ordering. Prices that are posted are landed price already, meaning you will no longer worry about shipping cost, taxes and all. You just pay them and wait ’til your item arrives.

So, you like to order the 64G iPad? Yes, you can via US2PH.  US2PH literally bring your items from the US to the PH (Philippines) hassle-free.

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Here are some frequently asked questions about the site.

  • Q. What type of gadgets do you sell?
    A. We sell all types of gadgets that are not officially sold in the Philippines by their respective manufacturers. We specialize in hard-to-get gadgets or items sold on Amazon, Best Buy, etc. but are not available for shipping to the Philippines.
  • Q. How do I pay for the items?
    After submitting an order, our sales coordinators will arrange a payment process. We will require 50% deposit via cash, cheque, or credit card while the remaining 50% balance will be paid upon delivery of your items. For first time customers, we will need full payment to confirm the order. Credit card payments will be imposed the standard 6% processing fees.
  • Q. Are there any hidden charges here?
    The price listed are net of all charges and fees. That includes shipping and handling, state taxes and customs fees. We don’t want you to worry about those anymore. However, credit card payments will be imposed the standard 6% processing fees by the issuing bank.
  • Q. How long is the shipping time?
    I normally takes about 2 weeks from the time it arrives to our US office to the time we deliver it to your address. Please take note though that the originating stores where the items aere bought might take a couple of days to ship it to our US office.
  • Q. I’m interested in other gadgets but they are not listed in your pages, can I make a special order?
    A. Contact us with the item you wish to acquire and we will give you a quote for the net price. We might be able to offer you a better deal compared to ordering it and shipping it yourself.
  • Q. I have more questions. Who can I talk to?
    A. You may email us at and for inquiries.

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