5 Android Games you should try

People can definitely find games today. However, other applications require players to send payments. The good thing about Android is that there are several games for various audiences. If you are seriously looking for a more challenging game, then visit the web right there on the mobile device. Joining the Android market allows people to seek the right game for them. In addition, Android applications do not include viruses and other known threats. This is actually the perfect choice for gamers who are always on the go. It is hard to look for games that are ideal for every person especially when someone just surf the web. It is important that users are downloading safe applications.

Here is our recommended Android games:

1. Blood and Glory– If other players love to see ancient battle games, this game can be perfect for them. The warriors of the game look like people from the ancient civilization. Swords, helmets and shields can be seen in this game.

2. World of Goo – The goal is to reach a pipe in the sky. The game is a combination of puzzle and little strategy. Characters of the game are different species which can be seen throughout the environment.

3. Riptide GP – This is a premium game that allows players to experience online Jetski racing. As the game becomes more advanced, people will see a challenging competition.

4. Minecraft – This is another premium game that permits users to create and form objects. Mix and match colors which will make the existing environment look wonderful.

5. Wind-Up Knight – As a player, the responsibility is to save the princess from the tyranny of a black knight. The environments have castle-like structures which make the game more exciting. Enjoy the graphics and utilize controls to achieve success in the game.

Gamers all over the world are looking for applications that are very entertaining. When choosing Android games, it is best to look at online reviews and the number of stars. These will tell you if the game is really enjoyable. Make sure that games can be suitable to the screen. Screen resolution is a huge factor before playing Android games. If users try to download an application without even reading the requirements, they will just get force close report. The game will not function well. If you are still looking for games using the mobile phone, it is time to read updates and new gaming applications. There are scenarios where people are experiencing issues with online games. Newer game updates help people to install the previous games that had minor issues. Once the update has been installed, it is expected that players will no longer experience bigger problems. There are also times when the problem is not with the gaming application. It may have something to do with the mobile phone’s operating system. Users have to check two things here. They have the option to contact the manufacturer of the gaming application or bring devices to the nearer repair center.

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