Android Enterprise Recommended launched: Showcased best for work phones

  • Google sets standards for recommending phones for business
  • It helps companies to find a perfect phone for their business.
  • Google released 21 devices to choose, and more to come this 2018.

Businesses needed best smartphones to be used for their work-related phones. Not only best phones by its specs, performance, but there are so many considerations to look for like security, deployment support, and to name a few. This is a little tricky for some IT Admins of a business.  As a solution, Google launched a program called “Android Enterprise Recommended”. It is Google’s “seal of approval” to recommend devices that are best for companies with security-focused needs.

This program certifies and recommends devices from Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) who followed best practices and meet other testing requirements established by Google.

Devices passed ‘Android Enterprise Recommended’

These devices meet minimum specifications for hardware, bulk enrollment, security updates and user experience.

With most of them listed are flagship phones, we expect a “rugged” phone to come later this year.

Minimum Device Requirements

In order to be qualified, an OEM should pass the minimum hardware requirements such as RAM, storage, processor speed/architecture, and battery life. OEM should also provide support for bulk deployment, three years of updates (major and Android security patch updates), user interface requirements, apps should be pre-installed on the phone, unlock device availability and so much more.

Minimum OS version:Android 7.0+
Storage: 32 GB
Speed: 1.4GHz
Battery life: 8+ hours (active)
Camera (front / rear): 2MP / 10MP
Architecture: 64-bit
Standard AOSP icons and strings: Use standard branding and strings
90-day Security update support
Support current shipping release + Major update release support
Unlocked device availability
As you noticed, these are all only essentials that are emphasized to be a Google Enterprise Recommended phone. (That an ordinary consumer like us deserves that as well).

“Devices in the program meet an elevated set of specifications for hardware, deployment, security updates, and user experience to help organizations handle the most challenging and diverse business environments. In addition, OEMs in the program receive an enhanced level of technical support and training from Google.”

Aside from the regular consumers of a smartphone, we have a consumer in the business sector, which also contributes to overall smartphone distribution. With this program as well, businesses can select confidently to choose Android on their business over iOS.

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