10 Awesome Ways To Level Up Your Selfie Game

Snap. Edit. Post!

The word “SELFIE” nowadays becomes a part of modern life. Its cultural impact in the society is noticeable and has been transformed from a basic depiction of ourselves into a more immediate grown aspect, just using a kind of devices like smartphones and other professional cameras. Of course, we admit that many people love taking selfies! Whether it was your morning “Outfit of the day” or in short, OOTD; or a snap of your “Kicks of the day” or KOTD, taking selfies is now an essential to our everyday lifestyle.

Unfortunately, the struggle is real sometimes in getting an awesome selfie, especially on the device that we are using. Whatever the reason, bad selfies are unacceptable and a no-no, with a hashtag #sorrynotsorry especially if you want your crush to like it! In order to save you from social dispossess self-esteem, we’ve come up with essential selfie tips and tricks that you or we should know and practice so that you can be on your way to having awesome selfies or in a simpler form, to ACHIEVE it!

Do a Background Check

This is one of the most important elements in taking a selfie; to have a good and clear background. When you take a selfie, people won’t just see your face but even your background so if you have a mountain of used clothes or unmade bed at your back, behold because judgmental comments are coming! Selfies during travels are a different story though because photobombers are inescapable but at least we make sure they don’t cover the view or be an overtly expressive person and just invite them for a groufie. Always check the surroundings first, and afterward, you will have a clear background.

Lighting is Everything

There are a couple of different lighting scenes that are going to give you different results for each selfie. So, if you want to take a photo that is backlit you’re going to create a softer and more mysterious effect but if you want to kind of focus more on your makeup (talking about the girls! This is for you.) and just get more clarity to the photo, then you’re going to stand in front of a light source or use natural light standing in front of a window (when you’re at home). Each of these lighting effects is gonna give you the perfect selfie. Take this advice without a question. Find a light brighter than your best friend’s personality and let it highlight your pretty face!

Work Your Angles

To get a perfect selfie, you definitely want to get the perfect angle. Extend your arm out; the further the camera is away, the more it will reduce that fishbowl effect. You can also have fun and experiment with landscape or portrait format because some people will prefer one or the other. Be honest, we all know by now you have taken thousands of selfies and should have somehow identified which is your best angle. You may have the perfect eyes, nose, cheekbones, lips, chin, and so on and so forth, but projection beats perfection any day.

Take Unli Shots

A lot of shots. There’s nothing wrong with having options. Especially if you feel that 1 like from your crush = one percent higher at a chance meter. So do it, create shots that vary in angle, lighting, or background (or even outfit!). In case you will have a difficult time choosing, what are best friends for?

Getting a Signature Pose

Pose in an area or a zone with beautiful lighting, likewise inside near a window or outside. This is especially important when you’re taking a selfie because the splendid lighting is equal to a more complimentary selfie. Express! Smile, frown, laugh, or look petulant, do something to make the picture fun. Or perhaps, you just got a new pair of glasses. Mount the photo to focus attention your new eyewear. If you recently had your hair cut and colored, just show it off. You should post as many selfies as you feel that they are appropriate to see by other people. Take a deep breath, then try to relax and hold your pose!

Consider a high-quality Selfie Stick

Considering a new selfie stick for your travels? Or, thinking about buying a selfie stick? There’s a lot to finding the perfect selfie stick for your device. On a bad side, most people don’t even realize how to properly use it or what it is capable of doing for you and your photos. A selfie stick is a monopod, and you’d typically use one to mount and then extend your smartphone away from your body in order to take low or high-angled photographs of you or taking with a bunch of people.

If you’re going to spend the money, ensure you get the best quality stick. Further away than safety factors, you might want to consider whether it’s flimsy for you. Also, does it have a handle grip so it is more agreeable to hold than a smooth metal bar? Are there any different colors so that it has an eye-catching design? These are all small details, but ones to keep in mind.

Overimposing your facial expression

A selfie is only a selfie if you are taking a photo of yourself. A photo taken by your partner or co-worker isn’t a selfie. Why don’t try and take a few minutes to acquaint yourself with your phone’s buttons? A smile is a perfect way of expressing your happiness in taking a selfie. Be relax. Before you take a selfie and not comfortable on how you’ll act in the front of your camera, try to practice smiling in front of the mirror. It may take a little while to look natural while trying so hard, but it’s probably worth it. According to Mother Teresa, “We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do.”

Work on post: Use filters

If we can’t resist the desire of a beauty filter or using a beautification mode in a camera, try not to exaggerate it. Take note that there’s nothing wrong with editing a selfie. Just keep in mind that most people can usually tell when a lot of beautification scenes has happened and also you’re good looking as you are. Selfies are about you and owning you. It’s demanding, you know but we have pretty perspective here.

Be Confident

No need to be shy when you’re taking a selfie. No one is watching you trying to take silly photos. Be confident and have fun, it’ll show in the photo and you’ll have tons of fun taking the pictures when you’re being yourself and letting loose. Tell yourself that there are lots of people that are nastier than you. The best way to boost your confidence in taking a selfie is to start to accept your facial attributes. Be happy with yourself. Selfies are sometimes really hard to take, so don’t give up.

Grab the Awesome Companion

After it has all been said and done, what is projection, perfection without an awesome companion? Let’s face reality, the clearer the selfies, the higher the likes. Right? Tips 1 to 9 can get 200 likes but with tip #10, expect double (as long as you also followed the first 9.) Ready to have awesome selfies that are more on fleek than your eyebrow? #nofilter and #uploadready? Meet your awesome selfie companion…Cloudfone Excite Prime 2 PRO, a selfie-centric 20-megapixel front camera that with Sony IMX376 sensor that was co-engineered with Sony and comes with Portrait Mode (Bokeh Effect) (#BackgroundCheck), Rear and Front Light (#FollowtheLight), Face Beauty (#WorkYourAngle), Superpixel, a 13-megapixel plus an 8-megapixel dual rear cameras with Optical Zoom. All these awesome camera specs in awesome phone aesthetics. Now say goodbye to the struggle and face the day with confidence as you become selfie-ready!

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