Brother PH first Pinoy chief navigates company to new heights

Brother Philippines is now under the leadership of a Filipino executive. Glenn Hocson was recently seated as the first Filipino president of Brother Internationa Philippines Corporation. Hocson finished his aeronautical engineering from PATTS College of Aeronautics in 1994 and he was top 8 in the aeronautical engineer licensure examination.

Glenn Hocson

Hocson’s profession did not lead him in the aviation industry as he landed as sales and marketing of IT products at Fuji Xerox Corporation. Later on he moved to another Japanese technology company, NEC Philippines, where he made his name from the ground up.

In 2005, he joined Brother Philippines as Assistant General Manager for Sales, Marketing and Service. He became General Manager three years later to expand Brother’s service networks. He strengthened Metro Manila and provincial sales channel networks.

As general manager, and later on as president in a sales oriented technology company, Glenn said that he is still able to apply what he learned in engineering.

“In engineering school, we learned the discipline of tackling a task or a problem step by step. The same thing with managing a technology company – it is highly technical as it is logical. So, when given a certain problem, we come up with a solution after considering the ‘givens’ and the requirements. It is basically the same process.”

In mid-2012, he became the Country Manager, where he further promoted the Brother DNA of quality products and excellent service.

In April 2014, after the last Japanese President of Brother Philippines finished his term, Glenn assumed the position of President in the company, the first Filipino to ever hold the top position in the Philippine operations of Brother, and the second local executive to assume the post of President in Brother offices across the Asia Pacific.

The localization of management of Brother offices in the Asia Pacific and worldwide, said Glenn, is part of Brother Global’s thrust to achieve true globalization in its operations.

Taking care of Brother’s most valuable assets – its employees

Glenn’s management style is no secret: it is centered on open communication where he encourages all associates (employees) to participate in company meetings and dialogues to sound off suggestions and even concerns relating to the company’s day-to-day operations.

A measure of the success of this open communication approach is the fact that its employees understand the particular roles they play in Brother Philippines and are proud to belong to this company that makes it known to them that they are important stakeholders in the organization and that their contributions to its growth are truly appreciated.

“We recently ran an employee survey in which one of the goals is to know our associates’ engagement with their work. Results showed that 91 percent of them are engaged and know the role they play in the company. This tells management that, indeed, our employee programs and efforts to reach out have all been worth it. We were able to send out the message loud and clear that, like our customers, our associates comprise a big part of our success.”

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