CASHALO Launches New Feature To Help Consumers Spend Responsibly

Empowering consumers with more information allows them to make more informed decisions and helps foster more responsible financial behavior.

This simple yet effective ‘smart money management’ principle is one that Cashalo, the fintech platform that provides access to various financial services, encourages more consumers to adopt.

Not only is it part of the company’s commitment to improving financial literacy amongst its growing community of users, but it is also a core value around which its technology and services are offered via its mobile app.


Cashalo’s flagship offering – Cashacart – a pioneering ‘online-to-offline (O2O) consumer basket financing’ or ‘digital credit’ solution focused on transparency – was designed to connect unbanked and underserved Filipinos with the funding they needed to improve their lives and financial well-being.

It’s a product that has been very successful.

Hamilton Angluben, General Manager of Cashalo, said, “In less than a year Cashalo’s technology has transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of Filipinos. The feedback from our growing community tells us their trust in our brand extends beyond their ability to access credit. They find our ability to help them build a financial identity truly invaluable.”

With the new ‘pre-approval’ feature on Cashacart, from the start of their experience, consumers know what their digital credit limit is, what the down payment will be, exactly how much and over what period of time they will be required to repay that.

Cashacart’s new feature allows you to get pre-approved digital credit right within the Cashalo app, giving you even greater convenience, financial confidence, and purchasing control. You can apply for digital credit in the comfort of your home, and shop in any Cashalo retail partner whenever you want.

More than 300 partners

Cashalo has a growing network of over 300 merchant partners including Cherry Mobile, Memoxpress, Robinsons Appliances, Robinsons Department stores, Blade, Spyder, Mi Department stores and Uno Factory outlets. With Cashacart, you can enjoy a pre-approved digital credit (in as fast as 24hrs) ranging from P2,250 to P19,999, with interest rates of as low as 0-4 percent.

“If consumers understand what they can spend, then it’s less likely that they will overspend. This is where Cashalo thrives: helping consumers make regular purchases ‘considered’ purchases, so it becomes easier for consumers to bridge the gap mentally and decide whether they simply ‘want a product’ or ‘need a product and are confident purchasing it’,” added Angluben.

Cashalo Pre-Approval Feature

This pre-approval feature – a first-of-its-kind in the Filipino fintech industry – can have a big impact on how consumers manage their finances. As a shopper, here are the positive benefits you can experience:

  • Shop Responsibly. For starters, you get to plan your purchases carefully. You have more time to make specific shopping goals, and prioritize what you need to buy.
  • Free your time. Enabling you to plan your finances and shopping in advance you can use the time otherwise spent wandering the store with your family.
  •  Hassle-free. Shopping may be fun, but not if you end up bewildered with choices that can’t all fit in your limited budget. Being better organized means stress-free spending with peace of mind.

Since the launch of Cashacart, hundreds of thousands of Filipinos – homemakers, micro-entrepreneurs, and all those who prefer to shop offline but want to enjoy the benefits of digital credit have used this solution to better manage their finances and improve their financial wellbeing.
You can download the Cashalo app from the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. To learn more Cashacart and its new pre-approval feature, please visit

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