CHERRY Coffee Maker Deluxe and Granell: A Perfect Blend

CHERRY Philippines has been making moves in the business world since it recently teamed up with Granell, one of Spain’s best coffee brands.

CHERRY Philippines’ COO, Michelle Ngu-Cinco, expressed her excitement about the partnership, stating, “We are very happy to partner with Granell Coffee to provide you with the much-needed caffeine boost anytime you need it. CHERRY Coffee Maker Deluxe is very easy to use and is compatible with Granell’s 100% compostable pods, creating a sustainable choice for javaphiles.”

Granell is a company that has been around since 1940 and has a great name in the coffee business. Because they care about the environment, they stand out from the competition and are a trusted brand among coffee lovers. It’s not just about taste when it comes to Granell’s coffee; they also care about the environment and use eco-friendly pods. This ensures that the coffee is grown in a way that meets the standards for organic farming.

“This collaboration is indeed a perfect blend, as both companies share common values and a passion for delivering premium quality to its customers,” Javier Gamboa, Director, Granell.

As a part of the partnership, every CHERRY Coffee Maker Deluxe buy will come with Granell coffee capsules. You can use it with N Capsule, DG Capsule, Coffee Powder, or K-Cup. It’s a 4-in-1 machine. By adding to Granell’s product line, customers can expect ease and customization in the coffee-brewing process that has never been seen before.

When CHERRY Philippines and Granell Coffee work together, it could change how Filipinos drink coffee in the morning.

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