Just add P600 per month on your FiberX Plans to get the 2-Pack Linksys’ Velop Intelligent Mesh Wi-Fi

If you want a seamless, intelligent mesh home WiFi system, it is better paired with a Fiber connectivity that is FiberX. Because the Converge ICT has introduced Converge Seamless, a Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System called Velop.

Converge Seamless

Linksys Whole Home Mesh WiFi will help simplify the way Converge’s subscribers experience pure, end-to-end fiber internet. Linksys’ Velop Intelligent Mesh Wi-Fi system is the world’s first true Whole Home Wi-Fi with an intuitive design and functionalities that simplifies everything from setup to daily use.

Through Converge ICT´s exclusive partnership with Linksys, the full potential of a pure fiber connection is now unlocked right at home.



PLAN SPEED Seamless Whole Home WiFi Linksys Velop AC2600 Dual Band(2-Pack) White
FiberX 2500 Up to 50 Mbps P600.00
FiberX 3500 Up to 100 Mbps P600.00
Fiber Xtreme 4500 Up to 300 Mbps P600.00
Fiber Xtreme 7000 Up to 500 Mbps P3,000/ One Time Payment

Converge is now offering the Seamless Whole Home Wifi System (AC2600 Dual Band, 2-Pack White) as an Add-on service to New and Existing FiberX subscribers.

The offering starts at Plan 2500 for only P600.00 per month for 24-months on top of their internet plan.

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