Converge ICT now expanding it’s Fiber Optic System for Makati Free Wi-Fi
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Converge ICT now expanding it’s Fiber Optic System for Makati Free Wi-Fi

[Developing Story] The Makati Free Wi-Fi is now underway! After signing a deal with the Makati City Government and some private sector, finally, the project is now in full swing.

We noticed the drilling noise of a machine and leaved a pipe-like hole within the streets of District 2 in Makati City.

Until such time, that drilling machine goes near in our neighborhood. We asked one of the on-site staff that is around in the area during the drilling construction.

Sooo the Converge ICT Solutions Inc. is just making latag na the Fiber Optic sa East Rembo, Pembo, Comembo area! Niiiicceeee (Krissyvoice)

Posted by JR Grate on Friday, 8 December 2017

The little thing I know, the drilling is an expansion project of long Fiber Optic cable coverage of Converge ICT Solutions.

A staff of a contractor allowed me to asked some questions. He shares some info with us about the project but refused to be named.

Makati as “Smart City”

The ongoing drilling project within Makati is an expansion project for the availability of “Makati Free Wi-Fi”. An initiative by the Makati City Government to make Makati as “Smart City”. The current barangay that we situated and our conversation takes place is part of first 10 barangays will benefit to this project.

The specifications will be set by the city government. This includes the speed and the network backbone which are now unclear. According to him, the project will finish and commence its availability anytime soon.

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Moreover, aside from expanding its free Wi-Fi, it also allows the Internet Service Provider, Converge ICT Solutions to make their residential subscriptions more available to other interested residents to subscribe their services via sales agents. He added.

That’s the info we gather so far. it can be change in the near future. Stay tuned on this article as we update here the development of the story.

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