Epson lines up sustainable technology, greener business initiatives in 2022

Epson Philippines recently held a media session to discuss its 2022 sustainability efforts and general business efficiency solutions that cater to a market changed by the recent pandemic. Epson Philippines wants to put more of a focus on green technologies that push for business efficiency and sustainability.

Epson placed a strong emphasis on how its business solutions, including printers and projectors, help users achieve greater productivity and efficiency in their operations through cutting-edge technologies that enable smarter and greener ways to complete tasks. Epson focused on sustainable business solutions that have the potential to improve business effectiveness and reduce users’ carbon footprint.

This is due to the newly altered market, which necessitates a novel and unconventional approach to providing solutions to businesses affected by the pandemic and using the hybrid setup. Epson’s solutions are created to help improve corporate processes as the market shifts toward a more sustainable future by utilizing its small and precise technology. Due to Epson’s heat-free technology, their inkjet printers consume far less electricity than laser printers of comparable speed, enabling companies to reduce their energy expenditures.

Epson’s solutions are also intended to improve working environments and promote corporate sustainability by utilizing environmentally friendly products, starting with its heat-free technology. By using less energy and speeding up procedures, businesses are able to reduce their impact on the environment through reduced carbon dioxide emissions and waste generation.

Focus on Sustainability

Epson makes sure that its cutting-edge goods and services are in line with the company’s and the world’s push for sustainability, which has gained momentum over the years.

Epson believes it is appropriate for businesses to embrace their responsibility as responsible firms in terms of energy and technology use as they now approach the recovery phase under the new normal. Epson’s green technology offerings help partners reduce their environmental impact and make the transition to a low-carbon economy.

The business keeps making use of its technical know-how to develop goods and services that are effective, accurate, compact, and energy-efficient and adhere to its sustainability objectives. They have started initiatives like the “Turn Down the Heat” initiative in collaboration with National Geographic, which attempts to inspire people to save energy, which will assist to halt global warming.

The ad comes as experts forecast that by 2100, all of the world’s permafrost will have thawed, boosting sea levels, inundating coastal cities, and producing more regular extreme weather events. Epson and National Geographic are educating people about sustainable technology as a way to lessen their personal environmental effects.

Increased knowledge of climate change

A three-dimensional virtual museum displaying diverse ecosystems and how they are impacted by climate change has been developed by the firm in collaboration with World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) Philippines. Along with fostering environmental stewardship among Filipinos, the relationship is in line with Epson’s sustainability goals to raise awareness of climate change, particularly among students and teachers.

Jonna Jacinto, Project Officer for the Education for Sustainable Development Team for WWF-PH, Jester Cruz, Senior Regional Manager for Business Inkjet Division (SEA Headquarters) at Epson Singapore, and Eduardo Bonoan, General Manager of Marketing Division at Epson Philippines, are the speakers at Epson’s 2022 media session on sustainable technology, which is moderated by Shawn Yao.

The virtual museum was described as a chance to give Filipinos an immersive experience so they can better understand the effects of climate change and global warming on different parts of the world, from the arctic to tropical countries like the Philippines, in a talk given by Ms. Jonna Jacinto, Project Officer for the Education for Sustainable Development Team of WWF Philippines.

The virtual museum, which is based on Epsons’ “Turn Down the Heat” campaign, intends to increase public awareness of the need to decrease energy use and carbon emissions across all sectors of society, including households, offices, and other enterprises.

“Epson has always been devoted to putting sustainability at the center of its operations, and we believe that by continually innovating our goods and services, we’ll contribute to the development of a future that is kind to the environment. Eduardo Bonoan, General Manager of Marketing Division at Epson Philippines, concluded, “Through our efforts to emphasize sustainability, we hope that we can inspire our partners and the Filipino community to join us in this sustainability journey, not only for ourselves but also for future generations.

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