EPSON Unveils 3LCD 25,000 Lumens Laser Projector, next-gen L-Series Projectors and Ink Tank System Printers
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EPSON Unveils 3LCD 25,000 Lumens Laser Projector, next-gen L-Series Projectors and Ink Tank System Printers

Last updated on September 21st, 2018 at 11:41 am

Epson Philippines recently held the “We Change the Game” event to showcase the World’s first 3LCD 25,000 Lumens Laser Projector and the next-generation L-Series Projectors and Ink Tank System Printers.

During the launch, Epson Philippines unveiled five (5) latest models in the L-Series Ink Tank System Printer family. The L1455, L605, L380, L385 and the L485.

The new line of laser projector series, which includes the EB-L1100U, EB-L1200U, EB-L1405U, EB-L1505U and the flagship EB-L25000U were also officially unveiled.

As guests entered the venue foyer, they were greeted by a Hologram usher, followed by a 3D projection mapping city scale model, and finally to a state-of-the-art hologram demo display of the new L-Series printers.

During the show, the EB-L25000U projector showcased high-tech graphics and animation that demonstrated its boundless possibilities, transforming the SM Arena stage.

Ed Bonoan EPSON

“This event is a platform to showcase the advanced capabilities of Epson printers by introducing the latest models of the ground breaking L-Series printers. Epson’s pioneering efforts succeeded beyond expectations such that we set a new standard for printers. In the same way that Epson became a game changer for the printer category, we also aim to change the game in the high brightness projector market by setting a new level of brilliance, color quality, detail and realism through the launch of the new EB-L25000U Projector,” explains Ed Bonoan, Senior General Manager and Marketing Head, Epson Philippines.

The World’s first 3LCD 25,000 Lumens Laser Projector

A technological breakthrough and industry first, the EB-L25000U integrates a fully sealed laser optical engine with laser-light source and inorganic components to deliver advanced performance, quality, and flexibility. The use of a laser light source contributes to a high contrast ratio of 2,500,000:1 that provides absolute black and vivid colour.

Capable of delivering bright and vibrant images for extremely long periods due to its LCD panels and a phosphor wheel, users are able to operate continuously 24/7 for 20,000 hours of operation before the brightness starts to decrease .

We Change the Printer, Now We Make it Better

As the leader in the high-yield printing category, Epson, once again leaped forward with its new generation L-Series printers that are even more reliable, durable and cost-efficient. At the heart of the latest L Series printers is Epson’s very own PrecisionCore®, the next-generation print head technology.

PrecisionCore is a revolutionary step forward in printing technology. Engineered to deliver increased speed and unbeatable image quality, this high-density print chip generates up to 40 million precise dots per second with astonishing ink placement accuracy and fewer distortions and imperfections.

Since 2011, Epson has re-written the printer category with its game-changing genuine ink tank printers known as the L-Series. This Epson innovation changed the landscape of printing by breaking down barriers to ink and supplies cost through offering high volume printing in ink tanks, while lowering total cost of ownership.

Together with our commitment to offer the best, we are happy to share that many of Epson’s products sold in the Philippines are made in our very own manufacturing site, Epson Precision (Philippines), Inc. or EPPI,” concludes Mr. Toshimitsu Tanaka, Managing Director and President, Epson Philippines and Managing Director (SE Asia), Epson Singapore.

The event was held at the Mall of Asia Arena, with invited guests from Epson Philippines business partners, customers, as well as from Epson’s manufacturing company in Batangas, and Epson’s regional office in Singapore. It was capped off by a production number where video mapping was used to enhance singer Ava Jugueta’s dress, a Finale with the CCP Bobcats Cheerdancers and Buganda Drummers.

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