Fujifilm XPro 2 arrives in the Philippines

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The mirrorless revolution started four years ago when Fujifilm introduced the retro-look film cameras to the digital era. In 2012, the generation XPro series was also launched in the Philippines. XPro 1 was born as a mirrorless camera with interchangeable lens. For the fans that are shooting in film, the XPro1 is the best thing that happened in the digital camera arena.

But XPro1, as the first rangefinder type and mirrorless interchangeable lens camera was not the fastest in the industry.

We were one of those who are eyeing on the XPro1, but we thought it was slow. Slow compared to our then DSLR setup.

XPro 2 Features

But we are convinced already as to the colors, sharpness, and the film simulation Fujifilm brought to the table. We were sold out with the features like WiFi photo transfer and sharp images.

When Fujifilm introduced the mirrorless revolution, we were not convinced immediately. However, the quality of photos, the portability, the features and the local support persuaded us to switch.

The fastest top-end camera Fujifilm had was the XT-1, but that was a different story.

XPro 2 launch in the Philippines

Fujfilm Philippines X Ambassadors

Attended by the top photographers of the Philippines who were former hardcore users of DSLRS, the X Ambassadors were all convinced that XPro 2 is one of the best in the current interchangeable camera line up of Fujifilm.

XPro 2 features

A new sensor, high-speed X Pro processor, housed on a magnesium alloy body and tightly sealed. Dust-proof, splash-proof and can sustain temperature  as low as 10°C.

Under the hood of the Fujifilm XPro 2 is a  24.3MP X-Trans CMOS III. It features an advanced hybrid multi viewfinder (both electronic and optical).

A super fast autofocus at .06 seconds will enable you to shoot any subject instantly.

A joystick which is hopefully customizable is located beside the LCD that allows user to move eight directions to instantly change the focus area.

The number of selectable focusing points has been expanded from 49  to 77 is a lot of improvement.

The ISO and shutter speed is now housed on one dial. To change  the ISO, you lift the outer portion of the dial and rotate it.

Also, the X-Pro2 is the first mirrorless camera to employ dual-SD card slots.

XPro 2 unboxing and hands-on

XPro 2 in the flesh

XPRO 2 back

Fujifilm XPro 2 Price in the Philippines

With the top notch specs and improved specs, you can’t expect an affordable price from XPro 2. It is currently priced at P90,990 available at the end of February.

XPro 2 PhotoWorld Manila 2016 promo

The annual Photo World starting January 28 up to February 2, and Fujifilm is offering special bundle pricing for the XPro 2. For the price of P90,990, you also get a P1o,000 discount from XF35mm F/2.0 (SRP is P20,990), and a free half leather case worth P5,290.

XPRO 2 Promo Price 2016

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