Looks like Google Gboard is the solution to…

Looks like Google Gboard is the solution to (iOS) users who would switch from apps to apps when searching for anything from Google.

Here’s the situation:

You send a message asking your friend to have some dinner in Ortigas on Friday night.

You identified the restaurant but you have to find out where is the exact address. You need this so that you GrabCar will drop you off to the exact location.

Then you switch to Google to search for the address.

Then you switch back to your messaging app and paste the address.

Now, with Google’s Gboard app, you don’t need to leave switch back and forth. Just hit that G and do your Google Search.

According to Google:

Gboard works in any app—messaging, email, YouTube—so you can use it anywhere on your phone.

Now the good news:

It is now available for iOS users. Go, download it here, now.

And then the bad news:

Currently, it is only available in the US. Opps!


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