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How HONOR Magic6 Pro’s AI features drive the smartphone brand to be No. 1 in China

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HONOR, a renowned global provider of intelligent devices, has achieved the highest position among leading smartphone brands in the most recent study conducted by the International Data Corporation (IDC). According to Antonio Wang, Vice President at IDC, HONOR has captured an impressive 17% market share, experiencing a remarkable Year-over-Year (YoY) increase in shipments of 123.3% in Quarter 1, 2024.


The introduction of the HONOR Magic6 Pro in China has witnessed a remarkable accomplishment, surpassing the combined shipments of its previous models in the first two quarters. This success can be attributed to its advanced AI capabilities. Excitingly, the HONOR Magic6 Pro is scheduled to be launched in the Philippines market on May 8.

“Being part of a prestigious and competitive global technology company like HONOR, it’s truly an honor for us. We’re excited about the challenge ahead and fully committed to bringing technological breakthroughs and innovation to the Philippines. We aim to achieve significant milestones in this dynamic market,” said Stephen Cheng, Vice President of HONOR Philippines.  

Furthermore, HONOR has experienced substantial expansion in its international market over the previous year, achieving a growth rate of 200%. As of the first quarter of 2024, HONOR has successfully penetrated over 100 markets and secured a position in the top 5 in various regions such as Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, and Malaysia.

An HONOR Smartphone Produced Every 28.5 Seconds 

HONOR consistently allocates more than 10% of its yearly earnings to Research and Development (R&D), with this dedication increasing annually. In the field of AI exploration alone, HONOR has invested over 10 billion CNY.

Currently, HONOR possesses exceptional R&D and innovation capabilities, supported by a team of over 8000 R&D professionals situated in 7 R&D centers and more than 100 innovative laboratories. The company’s commitment to innovation is evident through its submission of over 300 new patent applications each month.

Significantly, HONOR has achieved an impressive 85% automation rate in its intelligent production line. This high level of efficiency allows for the manufacturing of a smartphone every 28.5 seconds, demonstrating the brand’s devotion to cutting-edge technology and streamlined production processes.

Emerging Battery Innovations from Automobile Industry to Smartphones 

HONOR has introduced a groundbreaking approach to advancing material and structural technology, as demonstrated in the Magic Series.

In a pioneering move, HONOR has become the first brand to incorporate cutting-edge battery innovations from the automotive industry into smartphones. The latest addition to the HONOR Magic6 Series is the Second-generation Silicon-carbon Battery, which boasts a theoretical capacity of 3579mAh/g for a pure silicon-based anode. This remarkable technology surpasses graphite by a factor of ten, promising exceptional battery life and consistent performance. This achievement is reminiscent of the advancements witnessed in companies like Tesla.

Furthermore, the HONOR Magic6 Pro showcases the Nano Crystal Shield, further exemplifying the brand’s dedication to innovation. By utilizing advanced materials with a 50% improvement in crystal density, the Magic6 Pro achieves a shock absorption capability that is ten times greater than before. This significant enhancement ensures unparalleled durability, effectively safeguarding the device against accidental drops and impacts.

AI Falcon Camera System  

In response to the increasing popularity of “sportography” and the growing significance of Artificial Intelligence (AI), smartphone manufacturers are intensifying their efforts to improve the speed and clarity of image capture. HONOR, in particular, has taken proactive measures to lead the way in camera innovation within the industry. The HONOR Magic Series stands out with its unique AI falcon camera system.

HONOR has established the Image Lab in Shenzhen, where they have embraced the All-scenarios Automated Comprehensive Photographic Testing System. This groundbreaking approach allows for the optimization of the HONOR Image Engine across a wide range of anticipated scenarios, ensuring exceptional performance in various shooting conditions. Furthermore, HONOR has introduced exclusive testing equipment, which plays a crucial role in achieving the industry-leading focus accuracy of the 1200-point LiDAR Matrix Auto Focus System. This remarkable feature is prominently showcased in the Porsche Design HONOR Magic6 RSR.

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