How to cancel Facebook's friend request

So you have  nearly 1,000  Facebook friends now, but out of that number you have at least 10 or 15 “Add Friend request” that has been there for a long while now, you see them online most of the time but your request is just ignored?

Hmmm, they don’t wanna be friend with you! That’s loud and clear. To add them is very easy with few clicks, to delete is just the same. But, if you just want to cancel your request, how do you do it?

Here are few quick procedures:

  1. In your Facebook page upper right corner click ACCOUNT,  select Edit Friends
  2. It will load the list. Opposite each name is an X button
  3. Without any effort, click the X button of those who would not approve your request, and your done!

The same procedure applies too if you want to remove somebody as “friend” in your list.

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