HTC Launched new smartphones with cool new features

Yesterday HTC Philippines launched two additional Smartphones with new cool features. Aside from the launching it was likewise the year-end party for the media, bloggers and partners.

The two new phones gets a little bigger from the previous models – the HTC Desire Z caters to the endusers who loves phones with physical keypad or shall I say keyboard. Desire Z has a Z-slider QWERTY keyboard, it can record High Definition video up to 720p. HTC Desire Z sport a bigger screen – 4.3 touchscreen. Both has a GPS capability which according to Mark Dewey, HTC Country Manager has a free loaded maps. One cool feature of this phones is that while being used as GPS device and an incoming call is received, the map in the screen does not disappear. Desire Z is equipped with 5Mp camera while Desire HD has 8Mp. Both phones come with SRS Surround audio.

New features includes the free maps from an undisclosed service provider, cloud computing which allows users to save their information in the HTC servers, disable the phone via the internet once it is stolen, ring the phone just in case for any reason you can’t locate it and reply to SMS via the web. Back up your contacts, SMS’s and MM’s text you can restore them in case you upgrade to a new HTC phone. All these are now available in the new Smartphones via

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