Huawei PH: We made P650M out of the P30 series!

Huawei isn’t kidding. It is quite serious in taking over the market when it launches the P30 Series in the Philippines. Huawei made P650 M sales on the P30 Series.

The P30 Series is comprised of the P30 Lite which sells for P16,990, P30 for P36,990 and the P30 Pro for P50,990.

Get your calculator do some basic Math here. If they sold an equal number of units per model that would total to P104,970.

Now divide P650M by 104,970 and then multiply the result to 3 that would be 18,577 devices.

That’s how confident Huawei Philippines is.

And that’s how poor the Philippine consumer is. They have the money to spend for as low as P16,990 and as much as P50,990.

This announcement has been made by Huawei a few hours after the official public launch at the SM Megamall.


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